31st Small Branches Conference

Saturday 23 July 2011 - Sunday 24 July 2011

Park Plaza Westminster Bridge


Since 1981, the CPA has held this conference for Parliamentarians of more than 30 jurisdictions where the population is less than 500,000 people. Members discuss political issues which have a particular impact on smaller states.

Themes for this year's Small Branches Conference are:

1st Plenary Session

Commonwealth Initiatives in Handling Migration Issues

2nd Plenary Session

Countering Threats to the Stability of Small Democracies: Piracy, Drug Trafficking and Terrorism

3rd Plenary Session

Women as Agents of Change in Small Societies

4th Plenary Session

Strengthening Democracy in Small States: Youth Leadership Training, Citizen Involvement and Parliamentary Reform

For a more detailed programme of events for CPC 2011 please go to the Programmes page.