Online registration information

Please use the online system to register for CPC 2011. For security reasons the link to the registration system cannot be published here, but will be sent to each applicant by email


Please contact the CPC 2011 team if you have any queries.

Key dates

Week beginning Monday 21 March 2011 Invitations dispatched (with link and registration code)
Wednesday 23 March 2011    Online registration system opens
Monday 6 June 2011       Application to register closes
Thursday 16 June 2011 Submission of biographical and travel information

Application to register 

In the week commencing Monday 21 March each branch will receive by email, an invitation to CPC 2011. Two further emails will follow. The first will provide a link to CPC 2011 application page, the second email will contain a registration code.

All branches must apply for registration.  Once the application has been verified for security/delegate entitlement purposes by the CPC team, delegates can then proceed with registering online.

  • Some applicants might be contacted for more information (for example if the registration code is incorrect or the branch has already registered its quota of participants). 

Branch staff are asked to either register on behalf of their delegates, or to forward the emails to their delegates for individual self-registration. Branch staff can register all their delegates whether or not they are attending. However, if they are attending, they should ensure that they are registered as well.



Approved applicants will receive an email within 7 working days of submitting their application (this may be longer if a registration code was not included). The email will contain a username and password which must be changed when they log on for the first time.

  • The initial password is only valid for 14 days, so delegates should ensure they log in before that time, otherwise, they will have to request another one.
  • Contact details on the form will be pre-populated with information taken from the initial application form.

Delegate catagories

Applicants are asked to register in one of the following catagories:


Executive Committee Member

Working Party Member

CWP Steering Committee

Small Branches Delegate


Clerk (Attending SOCATT only)  

Delegation Secretary (Attending SOCATT)

Delegation Secretary (Not Attending SOCATT)

Regional Secretary 

Observer (where applicable)

Those who belong to multiple catagories are asked to select the catagory whose meetings take place first on the programme.

Arrival/Departure dates

Applicants are asked to provide their intended arrival and departure date. Please go to the programme page for recommended arrival and departure dates for each meeting of CPC 2011.

Save or submit

Applicants can 'save' their registration information at any time. By pressing 'submit' their details are submitted and unchangable. Delegates are not registered until their form is submitted. 

Once submitted, a delegate cannot amend registration information without contacting the CPC 2011 team to request that their application be reopened.  

Biographical information

All biographical data for the biographies book will be derived from the registration form so please ensure that it is accurate and complete. Resumes cannot be accepted by email.


Delegates must submit a photograph using the online system. The photograph will be used for the accreditation pass and biographies booklet. It must conform to the required specifications:

  • Picture Size: Passport sized, 45mm high by 35mm wide
  • Resolution: 300dpi (Dots per inch)
  • File format: Windows JPG (Also known as JPEG)
  • Filename format: Forename_Surname_DOB
  • The photograph should be on a white background, showing head and shoulders only.
  • There should only be one image per file.

Those who fail to submit an appropriate photograph may have a lengthy wait on arrival at the conference and may not be able to attend any part of the conference. Hotel room keys will not be distributed to delegates until they have a conference pass.  

User accessibility

Any delegates concerned about completing the form online should contact CPC 2011 team to arrange registration via alternative means.

Important - Please Note

After receiving a few questions regarding the difference between group and single registrations for CPC 2011 please be aware of the following:

• If registering a number of different delegates individually you must use a different email address for each delegate. This is because the email address acts as your username when logging on to the system so it cannot be used more than once.

• When registering as a group, you are able to list all delegates individually within the group as their different categories (.i.e. delegate, delegation secretary, SOCATT etc.) The only difference with a group registration is that they all have the same contact details and use the same email address.

If registering a number of people for CPC 2011 under the same delegation secretary with the same email address we strongly advise using the group registration. This will enable you to register them all individually and submit them individually whilst using the same contact details for all.