Due to space restrictions at CPC 2011 venues, very few observers will be able to attend CPC 2011

Information for regional secretaries

At its meeting in the Yukon on 25 February 2011, the Executive Committee agreed that each region will receive 10% of the total number of CPC 2011 observer places, with the exception of the Africa Region which will receive 20%. Regional Secretaries will be responsible for allocating places within their region.

The Executive Committee indicated that Regional Secretaries should consider the following guidelines when allocating places for observers:

  • Gender balance; for example, a place for a woman observer for a delegation with no women delegates, or a place for a single delegate legislature to ensure representation of both genders.
  • Branches should not be allocated more than one observer place unless every other branch in the region which has requested a place has been allocated one.

Regional Secretaries may also consider the balance of Government and Opposition representatives.

How to apply

Branches should contact their Regional Secretary directly to request an observer place. Any requests sent to the CPC 2011 team will be forwarded onto the relevant Regional Secretary.

Once registration has closed to delegates on Monday 6 June, the CPC 2011 team will contact Regional Secretaries to confirm the number of observer places available to that region. Regional Secretaries will contact branches to confirm whether they have been allocated a place as an observer. Regional Secretaries will provide a list of observers for their region to the CPC 2011 team who will email those observers with a link to the online registration system.

Observer applicants should not make travel or hotel reservations until their place has been confirmed by their Regional Secretary and they have received a link to the online registration system. 

Observers should participate fully in all conference meetings, but it will not be possible for observers to attend all evening functions; no separate provision will be made for observers. The low conference fee for observers reflects that observers will need to make their own arrangements for meals on some days.


Observers are responsible for booking, and paying for accommodation of their own choice. The Park Plaza has a number of rooms which observers can reserve at their own cost through the Park Plaza website Park Plaza website or  by telephoning +44 (0) 844 415 6780 with the reference code CPC 2011. 

Note that official transport, which must be used to attend events in Parliament, will only be provided from the conference hotel.


Observers will be charged a fee of UK £490, which must be received by the UK Houses of Parliament no later than Friday 8 July. In the event that the fee is not received the host branch reserves the right to withdraw the place in order to enable another parliamentarian from that region to attend. Fees are payable only in UK £ Sterling by bank transfer or credit/debit card payment over the telephone.

See Fees and Payments section for more information.