CPC 2011 Project team

The CPC 2011 Project Team was set up in May 2010 to put together the annual conference on behalf of the UK Houses of Parliament and the CPA UK Branch.

Project Team

CPC 2011 Project Team consists of six members of staff taken from CPA UK and the House of Commons. The Team is managed as an extention of CPA UK and overseen by the CPA UK Secretary, Andrew Tuggey.

The members of the CPC 2011 team are:

  • Libby Hammond (Conference Coordinator)
  • Ashley Bachrynowski, Victoria Bower and Morna Richards (Conference Officers)
  • Eleanor Bayley (Registration Assistant)
  • Matthew Salik (Office Manager)

Project aims

To deliver a first class, high quality and professional Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference of which the CPA UK branch, the CPA Secretariat, the Houses of Parliament and UK can be proud; which will advance and strengthen parliamentary democracy and provide value for money.

Project objectives

  • Promote the core values of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association - respect for the rule of law, individual rights and freedom, and commitment to strengthening parliamentary democracy;
  • Enable the Houses of Parliament to fulfil its primary objectives through promoting cooperation between other parliaments and assemblies as well as promoting the work of Parliament to the public;
  • Provide Commonwealth parliamentarians with an opportunity to share experiences and best practice and participate in useful and relevant plenaries and workshops;
  • Mark the centennial of the Empire Parliamentary Association, the predecessor of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, highlighting the role of the CPA as the voice of Parliamentary democracy throughout the Commonwealth over the last 100 years;
  • Increase public awareness of the CPA, particularly the UK branch, raising its profile and influence in a positive and constructive way;
  • Ensure the conference is delivered in a safe and secure environment predicting and managing any risks that might develop.