Apply for a delegation

All current Members of the Houses of Commons and the House of Lords are eligible to apply for outward or specialised inwarrd delegations


Delegations generally fall into one of two categories: parliamentary strengthening or parliamentary diplomacy. While all members are eligible to apply for a delegation, in some cases certain prior knowledge or experience may be required.

How to Apply

CPA UK announces upcoming delegations on average 2-3 months prior to departure on the All-Party Notices and the Intranet. It is at this time when the aims of the delegation, specific requirements, and deadline for application are outlined.  

Members wishing to apply for CPA UK  international outreach programmes must complete and return the application form (DOC DOC 122 KB) by the closing date specified.

Selection Process

Once the deadline for the outward delegation has passed, the application forms are then submitted to a Nomination Committee for consideration following which the recommended names are sent to the Speaker and Lord Speaker for approval.

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