BIMR governance

BIMR Strategy

With the aim 'to work for the advancement of parliamentary democracy throughout the Commonwealth', the BIMR strategy provides the framework for carrying out regional objectives and activities.

The central aim of the BIMR strategy is to promote knowledge and understanding of constitutional, legislative, economic, social and cultural aspects of parliamentary democracy within the Commonwealth. By promoting close relations and coorperation between its branches and other CPA Regions, the BIMR works to build informed parliamentary communities within the Region and across the Commonwealth.


In order to implement its strategy the BIMR pursues three objectives which provide the basis for the Region’s annual programme. The objectives reflect current and future challenges facing the advancement of parliamentary democracy, good governance and human rights in the Commonwealth.

Objective 1: 
To work together in pursuing the purpose of the CPA and the Commonwealth, enhancing and broadening the profile of the Commonwealth and the CPA within the legislatures in the Region and amongst their parliamentarians.

Objective 2:
To promote close relations among the BIMR’s branches and members via regional visits and the implementation of a communication strategy.

Objective 3:
To foster close relations with the other regions of the CPA by inviting observers from other Regions to attend the Annual Conference of the BIMR and by ensuring that BIMR representatives attend other Regions’ events. 

BIMR Constitution

The Governance structure is available to download (PDF PDF 404 KB) (PDF 403 KB)