What is the BIMR?

CPA Branches are divided into nine geographic regions, and each region engages in its own programme of activities to strengthen regional ties

CPA UK is part of the British Isles and Mediterranean Region or BIMR. The CPA UK Secretary also acts as the Secretary of the BIMR, and its Secretariat is collocated within the CPA UK office.

The BIMR acts in accordance with its adopted constitution and carries out its activities based on its stategy and objectives.

The main BIMR activity is its annual regional conference which explores key policy issues. Recent conferences have looked at equality and human rights, the financial downturn, climate change and digital technology.

Other BIMR CPA branches are:

The three sovereign states represented in the BIMR (Cyprus, Malta, and the UK) are the only Commonwealth members in the EU and all MEPs from these countries form an active Friends of the Commonwealth Group in the European Parliament.