New members of the House of Lords

New members who have joined the House of Lords this year and last year.

Member Party/group Joined the House
Lord ColgrainConservative27 March 2017
Lord Llewellyn of SteepConservative20 October 2016
Lord RickettsCrossbench17 October 2016
Lord Kirkhope of HarrogateConservative7 October 2016
Lord Macpherson of Earl's CourtCrossbench4 October 2016
Baroness Cavendish of Little VeniceNon-affiliated6 September 2016
Baroness ChakrabartiLabour6 September 2016
Baroness Bloomfield of Hinton WaldristConservative5 September 2016
Baroness CouttieConservative5 September 2016
Baroness BertinConservative2 September 2016
Lord CaineConservative2 September 2016
Lord McInnes of KilwinningConservative1 September 2016
Lord Fraser of CorriegarthConservative31 August 2016
Lord GadhiaNon-affiliated31 August 2016
Baroness SuggConservative30 August 2016
Baroness Vere of NorbitonConservative30 August 2016
Earl of Cork and OrreryCrossbench19 July 2016
Bishop of OxfordBishops13 July 2016
Viscount ThursoLiberal Democrat20 April 2016
Lord PriceConservative29 February 2016


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