Deceased members of the House of Lords

Members of the House of Lords who died this year and last year.

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Member Party/group Date of death
Lord Taylor of BlackburnLabour25 November 2016
Lord BorrieLabour30 September 2016
Lord RixCrossbench20 August 2016
Lord Goff of ChieveleyCrossbench14 August 2016
Lord Evans of Temple GuitingLabour6 July 2016
Lord Leach of FairfordConservative12 June 2016
Lord PestonLabour23 April 2016
Lord Walton of DetchantCrossbench21 April 2016
Lord BriggsCrossbench15 March 2016
Lord Brooks of TremorfaLabour4 March 2016
Lord AveburyLiberal Democrat14 February 2016
Lord WeidenfeldCrossbench20 January 2016
Lord EzraLiberal Democrat22 December 2015
Lord Janner of BraunstoneLabour19 December 2015
Lord NoonLabour27 October 2015
Lord HealeyLabour3 October 2015
Lord Kilpatrick of KincraigCrossbench16 September 2015
Lord MoserCrossbench4 September 2015
Lord Montagu of BeaulieuConservative31 August 2015
Lord Williamson of HortonCrossbench30 August 2015
Lord GriffithsCrossbench30 May 2015
Baroness Rendell of BaberghLabour2 May 2015
Lord MustillCrossbench24 April 2015
Lord Mason of BarnsleyLabour19 April 2015
Lord Sheppard of DidgemereConservative25 March 2015
Lord Molyneaux of KilleadCrossbench9 March 2015
Lord Mackie of BenshieLiberal Democrat17 February 2015
Lord GavronLabour7 February 2015
Baroness Platt of WrittleConservative1 February 2015
Lord Brittan of SpennithorneConservative21 January 2015


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