Scotland outreach

The Scotland Parliamentary Outreach service aims to create awareness of the work of Parliament and show how the debates and decisions of the House of Commons and House of Lords are relevant to the area

The Parliamentary Outreach service also promotes engagement with the processes of Parliament, demonstrating how the public can get involved at a local and national level.

Working with Parliamentary Outreach

In partnership with organisations such as the Fawcett Society, the Council of Ethnic Minority Voluntary Sector Organisations, Perth CAB, The University of Edinburgh and the Prince's Trust, Parliamentary Outreach in Scotland organises and participates in free training sessions, events and exhibitions.

Parliamentary Outreach activities in Scotland

The following are examples of the types of events that Parliamentary Outreach can organise or participate in:

  • Aberdeen - 6th March 2015 - Parliament and Devolved Powers talk with Aberdeen U3A
  • Edinburgh - 23rd March 2015 - Engaging with Parliament event with Royal Edinburgh Hospital Patients' Council
  • Edinburgh - 23rd March 2015 - Parliament and Security Governance talk at The University of Edinburgh
  • Glasgow - 27th May 2015 - Get Involved with Parliament event with Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights
  • Edinburgh - 8th July 2015 - Engaging with Parliament event with Policy Officers Network Scotland
  • Dunfermline - 23rd September 2015 Andrew Carnegie College - Understanding Parliament event
  • Edinburgh - 7th October 2015 - Understanding Parliament event with Circle Scotland
  • Glasgow - 3rd-4th November 2015
    Training the Trainer, a two day facilitator training programme, enabling organisations to deliver approved quality training.

If you are interested in holding an event with Parliamentary Outreach, please contact [email protected].

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Contact details

For further information on how your organisation can get involved with Parliamentary Outreach in Scotland, please contact Gary Hart at:

Parliamentary Outreach
Houses of Parliament
London SW1A 0AA
T: 020 7219 4993 
E: [email protected]

Devolution and reserved powers

The Scottish Parliament has responsibility for a number of matters (known as devolved matters). These include health, education and housing.

However, the UK Parliament still has responsibility for certain matters (known as reserved matters) including:

  • Constitutional matters
  • Foreign policy, defence and relations with the EU
  • Taxation (apart from the right to vary income tax by 3p in Scotland)
  • Overseas trade
  • Employment legislation and social security

Scottish Affairs Committee

The Scottish Affairs Committee is a select committee of the House of Commons.

It examines reserved matters within the responsibility of the Secretary of State for Scotland (including relations with the Scottish Parliament).