Your UK Parliament Awards

We’re launching the Your UK Parliament Awards to celebrate the amazing work of passionate, engaged people all over the UK who make a difference in their communities and beyond by connecting with the UK Parliament.

Are you one of these people? Has your group, school or organisation campaigned on an issue and made change happen? Maybe you organised a fantastic event in UK Parliament Week and inspired your community to get involved? Or made an impact online with an e-petition or digital initiative? We want to hear from outstanding teachers too.

It takes imagination, determination and dedication to run successful campaigns and activities. The Your UK Parliament Awards are a unique way to be recognised for your successes and promote the great work you’re doing. Your stories can help inspire others to take action.

How to apply for an award

You can apply for an award (as an individual, school or organisation) by giving details about the impact of your activities and how you or your school or organisation have engaged people with Parliament and democracy.

Award winners will be chosen by the Speaker of the House of Commons, a judging panel of MPs and independent judges. The Your UK Parliament Awards ceremony will take place at the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday 14 March 2018.

Apply for Your UK Parliament Awards

Applications open on Wednesday 10 January 2018. The deadline for applications is Friday 9 February 2018.

Please read the full terms and conditions (PDF PDF 297 KB) before submitting your application.

The Your UK Parliament Awards categories

Check out the award categories and start planning your application!

Community Campaigner Award

The Community Campaigner Award recognises an individual or organisation that has worked towards change in their local community, encouraging and enabling others to do the same. If you’ve overcome barriers to connect with the UK Parliament or worked to help disengaged people and communities get involved we want to celebrate your achievements.

UK Parliament Week Award

The UK Parliament Week Award celebrates the contribution of our most engaged and active UK Parliament Week partner in 2017. Over 4500 events took place in UK Parliament Week this year, making it the biggest and most successful yet. Tell us about your organisation’s outstanding contribution as a partner and be recognised for making this UK Parliament Week exceptional.

Teacher Ambassador Award

The Teacher Ambassador Award is for a teacher or educational leader who has taken part in Teachers’ Institute and used this experience to teach students and colleagues in innovative ways about the UK Parliament. If you’ve made a difference getting young people engaged and inspired, we want to hear from you.

Digital Democracy Award

The Digital Democracy Award celebrates the work of an individual or organisation that has connected people with the UK Parliament through digital engagement. If you’ve raised awareness about an issue with an e-petition or on social media or used online platforms creatively to encourage people to engage with Parliament, let us know about it.

Speaker's School Action Award

The Speaker's School Action Award recognises fantastic projects which have had a positive impact on schools or local communities. This special award is sponsored by the Speaker of the House of Commons and applications from individuals, school groups or school councils are welcome. It doesn’t matter how big or small the project is, so don’t be shy! Shout out about your achievements!


Hints and tips for your application

Think about the campaign, event or activity organised by you, your organisation or school and answer the following questions in your application, giving as much information as you can:

  1. What were the aims of organising the campaign, event or activity?
  2. What was delivered as part of the campaign, event or activity? How was it delivered?
  3. What was the impact of the campaign, event or activity? How has it encouraged others to engage with the UK Parliament? 

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