National Citizenship Service 2017

UK Parliament and National Citizenship Service Summer 2017

Throughout July and August 2017, UK Parliament will be delivering free, exciting and interactive workshops for students participating in the National Citizenship Service (NCS) scheme. Wherever you are in the UK, our team can come to you!

The workshops

What is the UK Parliament? What does it do? Why is it important? How can you begin to influence the UK Parliament and get your voice heard? 

Our sessions will help young people better understand:

  • How Parliament works and how laws are made
  • How to take action and make an impact on decisions made in the UK Parliament
  • How to build effective relationships with MPs and members of the House of Lords

This session is perfect for those wishing to be heard and make a difference on the issues that matter most!

Are you providing a NCS course in your area? As a local provider you can request a session for your group by completing the Booking Request Form (PDF PDF 287 KB) and returning it to [email protected]

Video: find out how to get involved with Parliament