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Ceramic Flower Garden

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See this spectacular garden of ceramic roses and tulips, created by artist Paul Cummins

Ceramics artist Paul Cummins, commissioned through the Cultural Olympiad’s Unlimited programme, is creating pop-up gardens in places of historical importance across the UK. The Ceramic Flower Garden is one of six different installations that are sited across the UK under the umbrella of The English Flower Garden.

For Arts in Parliament Paul Cummins has created a unique installation of several hundred ceramic roses in red and white and multi-coloured tulips to symbolise the values of love, friendship, hope, unity, faith and trust; values that have strong resonance with Parliament and democracy. Paul Cummins has also taken reference from the Pugin rose, a design which features extensively in throughout the Houses of Parliament.

How the flowers are made

Each hand-thrown ceramic flower is mounted on galvanised steel rods, ranging from 50 - 70cm in height. Paul carves each flower head
using a potter’s pen, to achieve its individual form, using drawings, photographs and images as his inspiration. Stylistically his work
has been described as having an authentic Mediterranean feel which incorporates bright colour glazes and drawing directly onto the raw
material (known as graffito).


Unlimited is part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad and celebrates arts, culture and sport by disabled and deaf people. Unlimited encourages collaborations and partnerships between disability arts organisations, disabled and deaf artists, producers, and mainstream organisations to celebrate the inspiration of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Open 1 June to 25 August

Cromwell Green, Houses of Parliament

This exhibition is free and open to all.

The Ceramic Country Garden will be installed on Cromwell Green, outside the Houses of Parliament and can be viewed from street level or from the main visitors' entrance to Parliament.

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