Arts in Parliament

Journey to the Podium

Arts in Parliament is pleased to present a selection of artworks from the Journey to the Podium collection in an Olympic Inspire-marked exhibition which fuses sport and art.

The artwork was commissioned by Essex County Council to celebrate and capture the achievements of talented athletes from Essex who have been identified as having the potential to compete in the London 2012 Games.

The artists have produced an eclectic range of work for the Journey to the Podium project, from painting to sculpture, to sound and video pieces, which captures the essence of the athletes’ personalities and their sport. It is the first time the pieces chosen from Essex County Council’s Journey to the Podium project will have travelled outside the county.

The exhibition offers an excellent example of regional projects inspired by the Olympics and showcases the connection between artistic and sporting practice in an engaging and interactive way.

Monday 13 August to Wednesday 29 August


This event has already taken place, but take a look at our photos on Flickr to see what happened.

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