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Arts in Parliament are excited to present Akademi, the UK’s leading South Asian dance organisation, who will be giving two unique performances in Westminster Hall.

Maaya, Thursday 5 July 2012 – 6:30pm

Maaya will be a creative journey encompassing the richness of a vivid sensory experience, presenting a piece that projects the aesthetic values of contemporary Indian culture into this distinguished space in the heart of Westminster. Westminster Hall will be transformed, thus achieving a unique spectacle of South Asian dance using contemporary and classical performers.

Directed by a highly-renowned choreographer and performer Gauri Sharma Tripathi, together with Nathaniel Parchment and Shivani Sethia, the Hall will be animated through a live cast creating a magical dream-like experience in which the audience will be immersed for 20 minutes. This will culminate in an exclusive finale performed by eminent Indian dancer Priyadarsini Govind.

Please note: this performance will take place throughout Westminster Hall and the audience will be standing. There will be a limited number of seats available. If you do need a seat, please ask when you arrive; we will be happy to help.

New work, Friday 10 August – 5pm

Akademi will present new work involving participants from community organisations across London and the UK.
Alongside their mainstream work, Akademi’s internationally recognised and respected community outreach programme has so far worked with 2,000 school children and managed outreach programmes with vulnerable adults, young families and the elderly, working on-site in prisons, hospitals and schools across London.


For over 30 years Akademi has worked with choreographers and dancers to pioneer new visions of dance, synthesizing classical and contemporary influences - and contributing to the cultural exchange that is now part of the UK’s creative DNA.

Thursday 5 July and Friday 10 August

These performances have already taken place, but take a look at our photos of Maaya on Flickr to see what happened

Maaya performed by Akademi in Westminster Hall

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