Louis Walsh affirms that mural has X factor

When in Northern Ireland X Factor judge Louis Walsh paid tribute to the 'Hands Around the World' textile mural which will be on display in Westminster Hall from 14 June.

The mural forms one of a collection of 12 tapestries that are set to bring the walls of Westminster Hall to life when they are displayed together for the first time as part of Arts in Parliament.  The exhibition runs from 14 June-2 July and is free and open to all. 

The Creative Peace Mural Society promotes international understanding through the creation of textile murals that represent local culture, history and geography.  Since the millennium, it has worked on 11 textile murals with communities around the globe – from New Zealand to Uganda.  Each is a local art project which draws upon values and themes important to the local community. 

During 2012, with a helping hand from Liam Neeson, twelfth mural has been created in Northern Ireland as part of the Inspire programme for the Cultural Olympiad.  The piece embodies the Olympic and Paralympic values of truce, friendship and respect.

Each mural includes the earth, sea and sky and illustrates day (sun) and night (moon) on the curve of the earth or on a horizon line.  The inner panel in the landscape show the history, geography and culture of the community or country.  The outer border is made up of handprints from local participants involved in their community projects – representing the people of the earth. 

The exhibition in Westminster Hall will be the first time that all 12 tapestries have been displayed together in one place.