Discover the UK Parliament

Discover the UK Parliament

What is the UK Parliament? How is it different from the Government? Why do we need laws? You’ll find all the answers in this unique guide, designed especially for children.


Ages: Age 7-11

Subjects: Citizenship, English

Resource Types: Booklet/Pack


Pupils, aged 7-11, will learn about the different people who work in the House of Commons and the House of Lords, and find out what happens during an election. Packed with fascinating facts, games and fun learning activities, this book will challenge them to think about the difference between rules and laws, and how they can get involved with their UK Parliament.

Learning outcomes

Pupils will learn about:

  • What Parliament is
  • The work of MPs and members of the House of Lords
  • The three parts of Parliament
  • Elections and voting

Practical information

You can download the ‘Discover the UK Parliament' booklet in English or Welsh. Packs of 30 copies are available to order for free.

To order ‘Discover the UK Parliament' contact:

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Please state the number of publications you require and whether you would like them in English or Welsh. Please allow 10 working days for your order to arrive.

Discover the UK Parliament

Discover the UK Parliament

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Teachers' Notes

Teachers' Notes

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Welsh version

Welsh version

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