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School Workshops

Parliament's Education Outreach team can help inspire and engage your students in their political literacy lessons by running workshops in schools around the country.

School Workshops

About the Workshops

Our friendly, experienced Education Outreach team offers a range of different workshops to suit your students' needs. Workshops are usually accompanied by an introductory assembly.


Activity sessions for students can be aimed at whole year groups, assemblies or specialist subject focus days. Topics cover a wide range of themes, ranging from how Parliament works to debating, voting and elections. All sessions focus on active learning and participation.


Activities are delivered to help teachers bring Parliament alive in your school, and teachers take an active part in these sessions.


All our workshops are:

  • Free of charge
  • Up to half a day long
  • Designed to engage students with themes such as democracy, representation, making laws or voting
  • Linked to various aspects of the curriculum including; Citizenship, Modern Studies, Social Sciences, Humanities and other related subjects.
  • Aimed at students aged 7 to 18


How to Apply

Apply for an outreach visit by completing our quick and easy application form.. For any other enquiries about our outreach visits, please contact [email protected].