The UK’s EU referendum 2016 explained

The Commons Library and Lords Library has produced impartial analysis of the UK’s referendum for remaining in or leaving the European Union.

Referendum result

Vote Leave Vote Remain
51.9% 48.1%


Vote Leave wins

After months of intense campaigning and passionate debate, the UK has voted to leave the European Union.

The decision will have far reaching implications on all aspects of UK policy and governance.

Our impartial and informative briefings are there to help you understand the key issues and decisions that now have to be taken.

These include the following briefing papers:

This information was published prior to the Referendum result.

Background to the UK’s EU referendum 2016

  • Eligibility to vote
  • Withdrawal process
  • Overview of policy areas
  • Devolved legislatures
  • Relevant legislation and debates
  • Background to negotiations

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