Early day motion 66


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Total number of signatures: 37

Amesbury, Mike Amess, David Brown, Alan Cadbury, Ruth
Cameron, Lisa Campbell, Ronnie Carmichael, Alistair Chapman, Douglas
Clwyd, Ann Cooper, Rosie Cowan, Ronnie Crausby, David
Crawley, Angela Cunningham, Jim Davey, Edward Day, Martyn
Dodds, Nigel Donaldson, Jeffrey Drew, David Farron, Tim
Field, Frank George, Ruth Godsiff, Roger Goldsmith, Zac
Hobhouse, Wera Hopkins, Kelvin Jardine, Christine Knight, Greg
Linden, David Lloyd, Stephen Lucas, Caroline Mann, John
Marsden, Gordon Saville Roberts, Liz Stephens, Christopher Stone, Jamie
Wilson, Sammy

That this House notes the science-based campaign For Life On Earth which is critical of avoidable experiments on animals; further notes Patients Campaigning For Cures, which opposes animal models on medical grounds; is alarmed that scientific studies reveal that the widespread claimed ability of animals to predict human responses to drugs and disease is demonstrably false; acknowledges that over 90 per cent of drugs which test well in animals harm or otherwise fail humans, and that ignoring this has delayed cures, including penicillin; notes that using animals to model humans also contradicts currently-accepted science, including evolutionary biology and genetics, which supports personalised medical care; further acknowledges the proclamation of the Concordat on Openness on Animal Research to develop communications with the media and the public; and calls for a thorough, properly moderated public scientific debate on the misleading and costly practice of trying to apply results from animal experiments to human patients.