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That this House notes that 70 per cent. of the UK's mothering sows are confined to farrowing crates (metal barred cages) for one week before giving birth and between three and four weeks afterwards and that this happens more than twice a year; further notes that close confinement means that sows cannot turn around, and can only stand, lie down, and suckle their piglets; and that the cage, little bigger than their bodies, can lead to painful sores from rubbing on the bars and can also cause stereotypic behaviour and total mental collapse; further notes that sows are neither able to reach their piglets nor get away from them; which can also lead to aggression and higher mortality; further notes that although the farrowing crate is designed to stop piglets being crushed by the mothers, piglet mortality is currently high at 11 per cent. in the UK, and that overall piglet mortality is lower on non-close confined outdoor units; further notes that sow mortality is also lower in outdoor systems; believes that the fact that 30 per cent. of the UK's sows already farrow outdoors demonstrates that this is not only desirable for animal welfare reasons, but can also be justified in financial terms; congratulates the Government for previously taking a lead in Europe by banning the sow stall in 1999; applauds Viva!, the animal welfare group, for its campaign to educate and encourage the public to press for a ban on farrowing crates; and calls on the Government to take steps to ban the farrowing crate.

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Total number of signatures: 102

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Name Party Constituency Date Signed
Abbott, Diane Labour Party Hackney North and Stoke Newington 12.07.2007
Amess, David Conservative Party Southend West 04.06.2007
Anderson, Janet Labour Party Rossendale and Darwen 14.05.2007
Austin, Ian Labour Party Dudley North 19.06.2007
Austin, John Labour Party Erith and Thamesmead 17.10.2007
Baker, Norman Liberal Democrats Lewes 30.04.2007
Battle, John Labour Party Leeds West 03.07.2007
Bayley, Hugh Labour Party City of York 04.06.2007
Begg, Anne Labour Party Aberdeen South 04.06.2007
Berry, Roger Labour Party Kingswood 04.06.2007
Bottomley, Peter Conservative Party Worthing West 01.05.2007
Brake, Tom Liberal Democrats Carshalton and Wallington 24.07.2007
Brown, Lyn Labour Party West Ham 03.05.2007
Buck, Karen Labour Party Regent's Park and Kensington North 08.10.2007
Burgon, Colin Labour Party Elmet 15.05.2007
Burt, Lorely Liberal Democrats Solihull 17.10.2007
Cable, Vincent Liberal Democrats Twickenham 10.05.2007
Carswell, Douglas Conservative Party Harwich 04.07.2007
Caton, Martin Labour Party Gower 01.05.2007
Chaytor, David Labour Party Bury North 06.06.2007
Clegg, Nick Liberal Democrats Sheffield Hallam 20.06.2007
Cohen, Harry Labour Party Leyton and Wanstead 29.10.2007
Corbyn, Jeremy Labour Party Islington North 02.05.2007
Crausby, David Labour Party Bolton North East 22.05.2007
Cryer, Ann Labour Party Keighley 02.05.2007
Davies, Quentin Labour Party Grantham and Stamford 08.10.2007
Dean, Janet Labour Party Burton 08.10.2007
Dismore, Andrew Labour Party Hendon 08.05.2007
Drew, David Labour Party Stroud 30.04.2007
Durkan, Mark Social Democratic and Labour Party Foyle 10.05.2007
Ennis, Jeff Labour Party Barnsley East and Mexborough 17.05.2007
Etherington, Bill Labour Party Sunderland North 08.05.2007
Field, Frank Labour Party Birkenhead 18.07.2007
Flynn, Paul Labour Party Newport West 17.05.2007
Foster, Michael Jabez Labour Party Hastings and Rye 08.05.2007
George, Andrew Liberal Democrats St Ives 19.06.2007
Gerrard, Neil Labour Party Walthamstow 18.05.2007
Gibson, Ian Labour Party Norwich North 10.05.2007
Goldsworthy, Julia Liberal Democrats Falmouth and Camborne 08.10.2007
Hall, Patrick Labour Party Bedford 08.10.2007
Hancock, Mike Liberal Democrats Portsmouth South 30.04.2007
Harris, Evan Liberal Democrats Oxford West and Abingdon 18.05.2007
Harvey, Nick Liberal Democrats North Devon 14.05.2007
Hemming, John Liberal Democrats Birmingham Yardley 09.05.2007
Holmes, Paul Liberal Democrats Chesterfield 30.04.2007
Hopkins, Kelvin Labour Party Luton North 09.05.2007
Hosie, Stewart Scottish National Party Dundee East 17.10.2007
Howarth, David Liberal Democrats Cambridge 08.10.2007
Hughes, Simon Liberal Democrats North Southwark and Bermondsey 29.10.2007
Huhne, Chris Liberal Democrats Eastleigh 25.06.2007
Humble, Joan Labour Party Blackpool North and Fleetwood 01.05.2007
Hunter, Mark Liberal Democrats Cheadle 08.05.2007
Iddon, Brian Labour Party Bolton South East 05.06.2007
Jackson, Glenda Labour Party Hampstead and Highgate 02.05.2007
Jenkins, Brian Labour Party Tamworth 03.05.2007
Jones, Lynne Labour Party Birmingham Selly Oak 01.05.2007
Keeble, Sally Labour Party Northampton North 25.10.2007
Keen, Alan Labour Party Feltham and Heston 28.06.2007
Kramer, Susan Liberal Democrats Richmond Park 15.06.2007
Lazarowicz, Mark Labour Party Edinburgh North and Leith 02.05.2007
Leech, John Liberal Democrats Manchester Withington 08.05.2007
Lepper, David Labour Party Brighton Pavilion 09.10.2007
Lloyd, Tony Labour Party Manchester Central 15.10.2007
Llwyd, Elfyn Plaid Cymru Meirionnydd Nant Conwy 02.05.2007
Marris, Rob Labour Party Wolverhampton South West 03.05.2007
Marsden, Gordon Labour Party Blackpool South 02.05.2007
Martlew, Eric Labour Party Carlisle 10.05.2007
McCafferty, Chris Labour Party Calder Valley 30.04.2007
McCarthy, Kerry Labour Party Bristol East 30.04.2007
McDonnell, John Labour Party Hayes and Harlington 08.05.2007
McKechin, Ann Labour Party Glasgow North 15.10.2007
Meale, Alan Labour Party Mansfield 01.05.2007
Moffatt, Laura Labour Party Crawley 09.05.2007
Moon, Madeleine Labour Party Bridgend 10.05.2007
Morgan, Julie Labour Party Cardiff North 21.06.2007
Murphy, Denis Labour Party Wansbeck 07.06.2007
Oaten, Mark Liberal Democrats Winchester 24.05.2007
O'Hara, Edward Labour Party Knowsley South 03.05.2007
Osborne, Sandra Labour Party Ayr Carrick and Cumnock 06.06.2007
Pelling, Andrew Conservative Party Croydon Central 01.05.2007
Pound, Stephen Labour Party Ealing North 08.05.2007
Prentice, Gordon Labour Party Pendle 01.05.2007
Pugh, John Liberal Democrats Southport 15.05.2007
Reid, Alan Liberal Democrats Argyll and Bute 09.07.2007
Rennie, Willie Liberal Democrats Dunfermline and West Fife 23.05.2007
Rogerson, Dan Liberal Democrats North Cornwall 05.06.2007
Salter, Martin Labour Party Reading West 24.10.2007
Sanders, Adrian Liberal Democrats Torbay 30.04.2007
Simpson, Alan Labour Party Nottingham South 14.05.2007
Soulsby, Peter Labour Party Leicester South 25.07.2007
Stewart, Ian Labour Party Eccles 08.10.2007
Swinson, Jo Liberal Democrats East Dunbartonshire 14.05.2007
Taylor, David Labour Party North West Leicestershire 01.05.2007
Taylor, Matthew Liberal Democrats Truro and St Austell 29.10.2007
Truswell, Paul Labour Party Pudsey 09.05.2007
Turner, Desmond Labour Party Brighton Kemptown 08.10.2007
Vaz, Keith Labour Party Leicester East 08.10.2007
Vis, Rudi Labour Party Finchley and Golders Green 02.05.2007
Williams, Betty Labour Party Conwy 08.05.2007
Williams, Mark Liberal Democrats Ceredigion 19.10.2007
Williams, Stephen Liberal Democrats Bristol West 09.05.2007
Wood, Mike Roy Labour Party Batley and Spen 08.10.2007