Early day motion 104

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  • Session: 2003-04
  • Date tabled: 26.11.2003
  • Primary sponsor: Challen, Colin
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    That this House notes that the Farm Animal Welfare Council has recently called for the repeal of the exemption from stunning prior to slaughter for animals killed by Moslem halal and Jewish shechita methods; further notes the Council's conclusion that the act of throat cutting at slaughter would result in very significant pain and distress in the period before insensibility supervenes; further notes that scientific evidence shows that sheep become insensible within five to seven seconds of the incision, adult cattle may take between 22 and over 40 seconds and calves may take up to two minutes to become insensible; deplores all racism and religious intolerance but believes that the profound suffering caused to many millions of animals every year by slaughter without prestunning is an urgent animal welfare problem; further notes that over 90 per cent. of animals killed for halal meats are now prestunned; further notes that slaughter without prestunning has been banned in Norway, Sweden and New Zealand; and calls on the Government to work actively and constructively in co-operation with the Muslim and Jewish communities to bring about an end to religious slaughter in the UK.

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Total number of signatures: 86

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Name Party Constituency Date Signed
Atkinson, David Conservative Party Bournemouth East 16.12.2003
Baird, Vera Labour Party Redcar 10.12.2003
Baker, Norman Liberal Democrats Lewes 26.11.2003
Banks, Tony Labour Party West Ham 09.12.2003
Bellingham, Henry Conservative Party North West Norfolk 10.05.2004
Berry, Roger Labour Party Kingswood 03.12.2003
Best, Harold Labour Party Leeds North West 26.11.2003
Brake, Tom Liberal Democrats Carshalton and Wallington 03.12.2003
Breed, Colin Liberal Democrats South East Cornwall 12.01.2004
Brown, Russell Labour Party Dumfries 18.06.2004
Bruce, Malcolm Liberal Democrats Gordon 31.03.2004
Carmichael, Alistair Liberal Democrats Orkney and Shetland 26.02.2004
Caton, Martin Labour Party Gower 03.12.2003
Challen, Colin Labour Party Morley and Rothwell 26.11.2003
Chidgey, David Liberal Democrats Eastleigh 08.12.2003
Clapham, Michael Labour Party Barnsley West and Penistone 04.12.2003
CLARK, HELEN Labour Party Peterborough 04.12.2003
Clarke, Tony Labour Party Northampton South 18.12.2003
Clwyd, Ann Labour Party Cynon Valley 08.01.2004
Connarty, Michael Labour Party Falkirk East 01.04.2004
Cook, Frank Labour Party Stockton North 09.12.2003
Davidson, Ian Labour Party Glasgow Pollok 08.01.2004
Davies, Denzil Labour Party Llanelli 13.01.2004
Doughty, Sue Liberal Democrats Guildford 08.12.2003
Dowd, Jim Labour Party Lewisham West 11.12.2003
Drew, David Labour Party Stroud 03.12.2003
Drown, Julia Labour Party South Swindon 11.12.2003
Edwards, Huw Labour Party Monmouth 26.11.2003
Ennis, Jeff Labour Party Barnsley East and Mexborough 17.12.2003
Etherington, Bill Labour Party Sunderland North 09.12.2003
Ewing, Annabelle Scottish National Party Perth 10.02.2004
Follett, Barbara Labour Party Stevenage 10.12.2003
Gerrard, Neil Labour Party Walthamstow 05.01.2004
Gibson, Ian Labour Party Norwich North 10.12.2003
Godsiff, Roger Labour Party Birmingham Sparkbrook and Small Heath 10.12.2003
Green, Matthew Liberal Democrats Ludlow 26.01.2004
Griffiths, Win Labour Party Bridgend 11.12.2003
Hamilton, David Labour Party Midlothian 20.01.2004
Hancock, Mike Liberal Democrats Portsmouth South 03.12.2003
Harris, Evan Liberal Democrats Oxford West and Abingdon 15.12.2003
Heath, David Liberal Democrats Somerton and Frome 13.05.2004
Hepburn, Stephen Labour Party Jarrow 28.01.2004
Heyes, David Labour Party Ashton under Lyne 04.12.2003
Holmes, Paul Liberal Democrats Chesterfield 27.11.2003
Illsley, Eric Labour Party Barnsley Central 04.12.2003
Jackson, Helen Labour Party Sheffield Hillsborough 05.02.2004
Jenkins, Brian Labour Party Tamworth 01.12.2003
Jones, Martyn Labour Party Clwyd South 30.04.2004
Jones, Nigel Liberal Democrats Cheltenham 08.12.2003
Keetch, Paul Liberal Democrats Hereford 27.11.2003
Key, Robert Conservative Party Salisbury 02.12.2003
Kidney, David Labour Party Stafford 02.12.2003
Lamb, Norman Liberal Democrats North Norfolk 08.01.2004
Llwyd, Elfyn Plaid Cymru Meirionnydd Nant Conwy 04.12.2003
MacDougall, John Labour Party Central Fife 26.11.2003
Mahon, Alice Labour Party Halifax 21.01.2004
Martlew, Eric Labour Party Carlisle 02.12.2003
Mates, Michael Conservative Party East Hampshire 12.01.2004
McDonnell, John Labour Party Hayes and Harlington 06.01.2004
McWalter, Tony Labour Party Hemel Hempstead 15.03.2004
Meale, Alan Labour Party Mansfield 27.11.2003
Morgan, Julie Labour Party Cardiff North 18.05.2004
O'Hara, Edward Labour Party Knowsley South 03.12.2003
Pound, Stephen Labour Party Ealing North 23.03.2004
Prosser, Gwyn Labour Party Dover 08.12.2003
Quin, Joyce Labour Party Gateshead East and Washington West 08.01.2004
Randall, John Conservative Party Uxbridge 26.11.2003
Rapson, Syd Labour Party Portsmouth North 01.12.2003
Russell, Bob Liberal Democrats Colchester 27.11.2003
Sanders, Adrian Liberal Democrats Torbay 27.11.2003
Savidge, Malcolm Labour Party Aberdeen North 31.03.2004
Sawford, Phil Labour Party Kettering 15.12.2003
Shaw, Jonathan Labour Party Chatham and Aylesford 15.12.2003
Sheridan, Jim Labour Party West Renfrewshire 02.12.2003
Simpson, Alan Labour Party Nottingham South 15.12.2003
Smith, Geraldine Labour Party Morecambe and Lunesdale 05.01.2004
Steinberg, Gerry Labour Party City of Durham 04.12.2003
Streeter, Gary Conservative Party South West Devon 26.05.2004
Taylor, Dari Labour Party Stockton South 05.01.2004
Taylor, David Labour Party North West Leicestershire 26.11.2003
Tonge, Jenny Liberal Democrats Richmond Park 03.12.2003
Truswell, Paul Labour Party Pudsey 26.11.2003
Walter, Robert Conservative Party North Dorset 02.12.2003
White, Brian Labour Party North East Milton Keynes 10.03.2004
Williams, Betty Labour Party Conwy 08.12.2003
Wright, Anthony D Labour Party Great Yarmouth 05.01.2004