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Deposited papers are placed in either the House of Commons or the House of Lords Library by a minister or the Speaker. The majority of deposited papers are placed by ministers in reply to parliamentary questions.

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Find out more about deposited papers and read guidelines on how government departments can deposit papers in the libraries of the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

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Deposit ref. Date House Deposited by Deposit summary
23-10-2014 Commons  Ministry of Justice 

Letter dated 23/10/1024 from Andrew Selous MP to Alan Beith MP regarding changes to the secure estate for young people. 1p.

Corporate Author: Ministry of Justice

23-10-2014 Commons  Cabinet Office 

I. Letter dated 23/10/2014 from Francis Maude MP to the Deposited Papers Clerk regarding documents for deposit in the Library. 1p II. Charities back on track: themes and lessons from the Charity Commission's compliance work, 2009-10. 74 p. II. Charities back on track: themes and lessons from the Charity Commission's investigations and regulatory casework, 2010-11 and 2011-12. 54 p & 48 p.

PQ 210038; PQ 210039

Corporate Author: Cabinet Office, Charity Commission

23-10-2014 Commons, Lords  Department of Health 

I. Care and support statutory guidance. Issued under the Care Act 2014. Incl. annexes. 506p. II. Final affirmative regulations under Part 1 of the Care Act. 16p. III. Final negative regulations under Part 1 of the Care Act. 96p.


Corporate Author: Department of Health

22-10-2014 Lords  Communities and Local Government 

I. Collection rates and receipts of council tax and non-domestic rates in England 2013-14. 20p. II. Table showing a summary of council tax arrears as at 31 March 2014 and 2013-14 collection rates. 14p.

HL 1904: HL 1905

Corporate Author: Communities and Local Government, Office for National Statistics

22-10-2014 Lords  Home Office 

Letter dated 22/10/2014 from Lord Bates to Baroness McIntosh of Hudnall regarding the taxi and private hire vehicle (PHV) measures added to the Deregulation Bill. 3p.

HL Oral question 21/10/2014

Corporate Author: Home Office

21-10-2014 Commons, Lords  Department for Transport 

British Transport Police Authority triennial review 2013/14 (additional terms of reference) part 2 report. 31 p.


Corporate Author: Department for Transport

21-10-2014 Commons, Lords  Home Office 

Independent panel inquiry into child sexual abuse. Terms of reference. 2 p.


21-10-2014 Commons, Lords  Department for Culture, Media and Sport 

Terms of reference for the Review of Television Licence Enforcement. 3 p.


21-10-2014 Commons, Lords  Treasury 

UK/MACAO tax information exchange agreement signed in London on 3 September 2014. 11p.


21-10-2014 Commons  Attorney General 

Letter dated 21/10/2014 from Jeremy Wright MP to Andrew Gwynne MP regarding the 2013 information-sharing protocol between the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), police and councils. 1p.

HC Oral Question 14/10/2014

Corporate Author: Attorney General

21-10-2014 Lords  Ministry of Defence 

Contact with the media and communicating in public (2014DIN03-024). Incl. annexes.[redacted] 26p.

HL 2017

Corporate Author: Ministry of Defence

21-10-2014 Commons  Cabinet Office 

Letter dated 21/10/2014 from William Hague MP to Natascha Engel MP regarding the e-petition for Millie's Trust campaigns to train all nursery nurses in paediatric first aid. 1p.

Corporate Author: Leader of the House of Commons

20-10-2014 Commons, Lords  Home Office 

Joint statement of the Inter-Departmental Ministerial Group (IDMG) on Modern Slavery. 4 p.


Corporate Author: Home Office

20-10-2014 Commons  Cabinet Office 

I. Letter dated 20/10/2014 from Oliver Letwin MP to the Deposited Papers Clerk regarding Health and Safety Executive consultation document. 1 p. II. Proposals to exempt self-employed persons from section 3(2) of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, except those undertaking activities on a prescribed list. 62 p.

HL Debate 21/10/2014 c558

Corporate Author: Cabinet Office, Health and Safety Executive

20-10-2014 Commons  Department for Work and Pensions 

Letter dated 20/10/2014 from Steve Webb MP to Peter Bone MP and Linda Riordan MP regarding the Pension Schemes Bill 2014. 2 p.

Bill 12 2014-15

Corporate Author: Department for Work and Pensions

20-10-2014 Lords  Ministry of Justice 

I. Tables showing the number of offenders detained in prison who received a tariff of less than two years under section 225 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003, before the Act was amended in 2007, and the likelihood of reoffending and risk of serious harm. 2 p. II. Letter dated 20/10/2014 from Andrew Selous MP to the Deposited Papers Clerk regarding library deposit of the attached information relating to offenders given a sentence of Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP). 1 p.

HL Debate 20/10/2014

Corporate Author: Ministry of Justice

20-10-2014 Lords  Home Office 

I. Letter dated 20/10/2014 from Lord Bates to Baroness Smith of Basildon and others regarding government amendments for the Lords Report stage of the Serious Crime Bill (HL) 2014-15. 3p. II. Serious Crime Bill (HL): amendments to be moved on report. 26p. III. Serious Crime Bill. European Convention on Human Rights. Supplementary memorandum by the Ministry of Justice. 5p. IV. Serious Crime Bill. Delegated Powers. Supplementary memorandum by the Home Office. 4p.

Corporate Author: Home Office, Ministry of Justice

17-10-2014 Commons  Cabinet Office 

I. Report on departmental open data commitments and adherence to public data principles for the period between January and March 2014. 15 p. II. Letter from Francis Maude MP to the Deposited Papers Clerk regarding the report. 1 p.

17-10-2014 Commons  Department for Transport 

I. Government response to consultation examining the weight and speed limit for tractors and trailer combinations. 11 p. II. Increasing the agricultural tractor speed limit and agricultural tractor and trailer weight limit. Impact assessment. 26 p. III. Examining the maximum speed limit for tractors on public roads. Consultation response summary. 27 p. IV. Examining the maximum weights of agricultural trailers and combinations. Consultation response summary. 38 p.


17-10-2014 Commons  Ministry of Defence 

The Armed Forces (Service Complaints and Financial Assistance) Bill - list of relevant older papers. 2 p.

Commitment made by the Speaker in HC Debate 21/02/1966 vol 725 c34. Bill 102 2014-15

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