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Deposited papers are placed in either the House of Commons or the House of Lords Library by a minister or the Speaker. The majority of deposited papers are placed by ministers in reply to parliamentary questions.

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Deposit ref. Date House Deposited by Deposit summary
11-09-2014 Commons  Home Office 

Immigration statistics - April - June 2014. I. Tables showing numbers of a) admissions, b) asylum applications, c) certificate of sponsorship applications, d) British citizenship applications, e) detentions, f) applications from the European Economic Area, g) extensions of stay, h) removals and voluntary departures, i) settlement and j) entry clearance visas. 17 docs. II. Transcript version of statistics. 60 p. III. User guide to Home Office Immigration Statistics. 112 p. IV. Timeline of policy and legislative changes affecting migration to the UK. 17 p.

PQ 207405

Corporate Author: Home Office

11-09-2014 Commons  Cabinet Office 

The statutory register of lobbyists: draft regulations. Incl. annex. 13p.


Corporate Author: Cabinet Office

11-09-2014 Commons  Speaker 

I. The quality of the 2014 electoral registers in Great Britain: research into the last registers produced under the household registration system. Incl. appendices. 86p. II. Electoral registration in 2011: a study conducted by the Electoral Commission, Office for National Statistics and National Records of Scotland. Incl. appendices. 127p.

PQ 208195; PQ 208203; PQ 208450; PQ 208604; PQ 208605

Corporate Author: Electoral Commission

11-09-2014 Commons  Speaker 

Report on the Northern Ireland electoral registration canvass 2013. Incl. appendices. 40p.

PQ 208311

Corporate Author: Electoral Commission

11-09-2014 Commons  Cabinet Office 

Recall of MPs Bill 2014-15: list of older papers. 1p.

Commitment for list of relevant older papers made by the Speaker in HC Debate 21/02/1966 vol 725 c34.

10-09-2014 Commons  Home Office 

Letter dated 10/09/2014 from Karen Bradley MP to David Crausby MP and Mark Pritchard MP regarding the Modern Slavery Bill - clause 41 - child trafficking advocates and the trial advocacy service for trafficked children. 4 p.

Corporate Author: Home Office

10-09-2014 Lords  Department for Transport 

I. Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU): Contract award notice: vision testing services for the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. 3 p. II. OJEU Contract notice. 5 p. III. Department for Transport: general terms and conditions of contract for services. 78 p. IV. Specification: vision testing services. 11 p.

HL 1779

Corporate Author: Department for Transport

10-09-2014 Commons  Communities and Local Government 

A year of service: end of project report. 28 p.

PQ 208023

Corporate Author: Faith Based Regeneration Network

09-09-2014 Commons  Department of Health 

Health premium incentive scheme. Consultation paper. 24 p.


Corporate Author: Department of Health, Public Health England

09-09-2014 Commons  Department of Energy and Climate Change 

Paris 2015. Securing our prosperity through a global climate change agreement. 70 p.


Corporate Author: HM Government

09-09-2014 Commons  Communities and Local Government 

Localism Bill: provision for referendums to veto excessive Council Tax increases. Impact assessment. 18 p.

PQ 207133

Corporate Author: Communities and Local Government

09-09-2014 Commons  Department for Culture, Media and Sport 

Letter dated 09/09/2014 from Ed Vaizey MP to David Amess MP regarding the Video Recordings Act 1984 (Exempted Video Works) Regulations 2014 and the classification of video works on DVD. 2 p.

HC Debate 14/07/2014

Corporate Author: Department for Culture, Media and Sport

08-09-2014 Commons  Department of Health 

I. Influenza vaccine uptake amongst GP patient groups in England. Winter season 2012/13. 40 p. II. Influenza immunisation programme for England. GP patient groups data collection survey Season 2013/14. 47 p. III. NHS immunisation statistics. England 2012-13 (123 p.) and 2011-12 (128 p.) IV. Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine uptake annual survey 2012/13 (18 p.) and 2011-12. (4 p.) V. Historical vaccine development and introduction of vaccines in the UK. 1 p. VI. The complete routine immunisation schedule from summer 2014. 2 p. VII. Routine childhood immunisations from June 2013 and September 2012. 1 p.

PQ 207559

Corporate Author: Department of Health, Information Centre for Health and Social Care, Health Protection Agency, Public Health England

08-09-2014 Commons  Department of Health 

Immunisation and screening national delivery framework and local operating model. 65 p.

PQ 207577

Corporate Author: Public Health England, NHS England

08-09-2014 Commons  Department of Health 

NHS immunisation statistics. England 2012-13. 123 p.

PQ 207575

Corporate Author: Information Centre for Health and Social Care

08-09-2014 Commons  Department of Health 

Table showing district nurses in NHS hospital and community health services, by organisation and a) health education England area and b) strategic health authority, as at 30 September from 2010 to 2013. 9 p.

PQ 207619

Corporate Author: Information Centre for Health and Social Care

08-09-2014 Commons  Communities and Local Government 

Report by the Secretary of State on fire and rescue authorities’ progress with the fire and rescue national framework for England. 4 p.

PQ 207772

Corporate Author: Communities and Local Government

08-09-2014 Commons  Department for Culture, Media and Sport 

Brass bands funding 2012/13-2015. 2 p.

PQ 207353

05-09-2014 Commons  Department of Health 

Patient safety alert: improving medication error incident reporting and learning. 20 March 2014. 1 p.

PQ 207493

Corporate Author: Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, NHS England

05-09-2014 Commons  Ministry of Justice 

Transforming the services of the Office of the Public Guardian: enabling digital by default. 56 p.


Corporate Author: Ministry of Justice

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