Brexit: immigration, residency and border controls

How will exiting the European Union affect the UK's border control and immigration policy? Read analysis from Parliament's libraries and committees on the impact of Brexit.

Brexit and those currently exercising free movement rights (updated 28 March)
Looks at the status of EU citizens currently resident in the UK and British citizens in the EU

Statistics on Migrants and Benefits
Brings together the UK’s main data sources on benefits and tax credits paid to migrants living in the UK

UK-EU movement of people
Looks at the Government’s pledge to deliver control over EU immigration

UK migration statistics
Sets out a range of data on migration in the UK and in EU countries

The Single Market, citizens rights, and UK economy
Information produced ahead of the debate on 26 January 2017

Human rights implications of Brexit
Joint Committee on Human Rights report says the Government must not use fundamental rights as a bargaining chip

Brussels IIa regulation: cross-border child contact cases, and child abduction
The effect on the UK in terms of the Brussels IIa regulation

Acquired rights report
What happens to the EU rights upon which so many rely when the UK leaves the EU?

Children in crisis: unaccompanied migrant children in the EU
Unaccompanied migrant children are being let down by the EU, including the UK, according to this report

Potential impact to EU free movement rights
Outlines how people currently exercising free movement rights might be affected by Brexit

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News from across the House

News from across the House of Commons and House of Lords

Brexit glossary

List of commonly-used terms and acronyms, for example:

  • Article 50 TEU
  • Hard Brexit
  • Soft Brexit
  • Smooth Brexit
  • Red, white and blue Brexit
  • Great Repeal Bill

Background to the referendum

Reports and briefings on the UK's EU referendum 2016

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Commons and Lords Library service

Authors of the research briefings are available to discuss them with Members and their staff. The research briefings are published to the UK Parliament website.

Select Committees

Both Houses establish select committees to conduct inquiries and to produce reports on a range of matters, from the conduct of Government to specialist subject areas. Information on their work can be found on the website.

Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST)

POST provides research from across the biological, physical and social sciences, and engineering and technology

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