Brexit: defence and security

How will exiting the European Union affect the UK's defence and security? Read analysis from Parliament's libraries and committees on the impact of Brexit.

Defence and security

Brexit: implications for national security
Examines the possible impact of Brexit on national security and Europe-wide sharing of secret intelligence

UK armed forces and diplomatic service
Looks at the UK's current defence capabilities and diplomatic service, and future prospects for the UK's global role after Brexit

Foreign and security policy cooperation
Examines the implications of Brexit for future cooperation with the EU on security, defence, law enforcement and counter-terrorism

International relations

Exiting the EU and sanctions
Examines the implications of Brexit on the legislation governing the imposition of international sanctions

Leaving the EU: the UK and Ireland
Assesses the implications of Brexit on the UK's relationship with Ireland in regard to peace and security, border controls and trade

Equipping the Government for Brexit
Report recommends the Government increases funding for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to deal with Brexit

Law enforcement and criminal justice

Brexit: implications for policing and criminal justice cooperation
Looks at implications of Brexit on mutual recognition, EU agencies, information sharing, substantive criminal law and criminal procedure

Exiting the EU and security, law enforcement and criminal justice
Information produced ahead of the general debate on exiting the EU and security, law enforcement and criminal justice

Brexit: future UK–EU security and police cooperation
Examines agencies supporting security and police cooperation between the UK and EU, and options for retaining or replacing them

Legal issues

Human rights priorities in the light of Brexit
Examines some of the overarching human rights issues relating to Brexit and the EU Withdrawal Bill

Brexit and data protection (updated 10 October 2017)
Looks at the reform of EU data protection law and what might happen after Brexit

Brexit: civil judicial cooperation
Considers cross-border civil judicial cooperation post-Brexit and the UK's plans for a new agreement mirrored on existing provisions

Implications of Brexit for the justice system
Report says Government must address four priorities for the justice system in negotiating UK's new relationship with the EU

Brexit: justice for families, individuals and businesses?
How will the loss of EU legislation affect legal proceedings concerning civil and family law?

Brexit: the Brussels IIa regulation
Considers the effect of Brexit in terms of the Brussels IIa regulation concerning cross-border child contact cases and child abduction

Further reading

Brexit reading list: policing and criminal justice
Commentary on the implications of Brexit for policing and criminal justice cooperation and national security

Brexit reading list: defence and security (updated 31 August 2017)
Analysis and comment on defence and security-related matters relevant to the UK's withdrawal from the EU

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