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    • Commons Library Research Papers: in-depth and impartial analysis on every major piece of primary legislation and on other major topics of public and parliamentary concern. Regular statistics papers are also published.
    • Commons Library Standard Notes: 3,000 briefings on topical issues or frequently asked questions.
    • Lords Library Notes: Written by the research section of the House of Lords Library to provide information on topics of current interest to members
    • POSTnotes: Short briefings produced by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology analysing policy issues that have a basis in science and technology.
    • POST Reports: Occasional major reports produced by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology.

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  • Mitochondrial Donation Published 31 March 2014 | Standard notes SN06833 Amended 10 April 2014 This note seeks to provide a summary of the role of mitochondria, mitochondrial disease and the proposed new techniques. It will also outline the investigations into these techniques that took place prior to the Government announcement; a HFEA scientific review of the safety and efficacy of methods, an ethical review of the techniques for mitochondrial replacement undertaken by the Nuffield Council on Bioethics and an HFEA public consultation. The main safety and ethical considerations associated with the introduction of these techniques into clinical practice will be discussed. Topic: Diseases, Genetics, Medical ethics, Medicine, Science
  • Work Programme Published 28 March 2014 | Standard notes SN06340 The Work Programme is the Government's main welfare-to-work scheme, designed to tackle long-term unemployment. Topic: Employment, Employment schemes, Unemployment
  • Age-related personal allowance Published 28 March 2014 | Standard notes SN06158 All taxpayers are entitled to receive a personal allowance to set against their income for tax purposes. Individuals aged 65 and over have been entitled to receive an additional allowance; an extra addition has been made for those age 75 and over. This note gives details of the allowance and the Government's decision, first announced in Budget 2012, to phase it out from 2013/14. Topic: Taxation
  • The latest round of Israeli/Palestinian talks, 2013-14 Published 28 March 2014 | Standard notes SN06854 Attitudes to US Secretary of State's drive to revive the Middle East peace process have generally been pessimistic. Is that justified? Topic: Middle East
  • Air passenger duty : recent debates & reform Published 28 March 2014 | Standard notes SN05094 This note looks at the recent debate on taxing aviation, in the context of concerns about the structure of air passenger duty, the rates of tax, and the Coalition Government's consultation exercise on reforming APD, launched in the 2011 Budget. The development of APD since its introduction is set out in two other Library notes (SN413 & SN6426). Topic: Aviation, Taxation
  • Components of GDP Published 28 March 2014 | Standard notes SN02787 Components of GDP: Data on the components that make up GDP, including household consumption, government spending, investment, net trade and output by sector. Topic: Economic situation
  • Retail Sales Published 28 March 2014 | Standard notes SN02818 Retail Sales: Data on the value of retail sales in the few years. Topic: Economic situation, Service industries
  • Aviation:proposals for an airport in the Thames estuary, 1945-2014 Published 28 March 2014 | Standard notes SN04920 Amended 02 April 2014 Summary (with chronological list) of attempts to build an airport in the Thames estuary since the 1940s Topic: Aviation
  • Living Former MPs Published 28 March 2014 | Standard notes SN05324 A list of all known living former Members as at 28/03/2014. Topic: Members of Parliament
  • Housing Benefit: Shared Accommodation Rate Published 28 March 2014 | Standard notes SN05889 This note provides background information on the operation of the SAR and its extension in January 2012 to claimants under age 35. Topic: Housing, Housing benefits, Private rented housing
  • The Terrorism Act 2000 Proscribed Organisations Published 28 March 2014 | Standard notes SN00815 This note describes the recent history and present status of “proscribed organisations” under anti-terrorism legislation (particularly the Terrorism Act 2000 as amended). Topic: Intelligence services, Terrorism
  • House of Lords Reform (No 2) Bill 2013-14 Published 28 March 2014 | Standard notes SN06832 The House of Lords Reform (No. 2) Bill 2013-14 is a private Members’ bill. It would allow members of the House of Lords to retire or resign permanently. It also provides that members who did not attend and those convicted of serious offences should cease to be members of the House of Lords. Topic: House of Lords, Members of the Lords
  • The Post Office: recent developments Published 27 March 2014 | Standard notes SN06718 Amended 14 April 2014 The Note looks at the background to the separation of the Post Office from Royal Mail, the proposed mutualisation of the Post Office, the progress of transformation and modernisation of the Post Office, and the impact on financial performance. Topic: Postal services
  • Inter-racial adoption Published 27 March 2014 | Standard notes SN06351 This note provides information on the current law and policy on inter-racial adoption. Topic: Children and families, Children's social services
  • Office of the Children’s Commissioner for England Published 27 March 2014 | Standard notes SN06347 The development of the Office of the Children’s Commissioner for England since its establishment in 2005, including the 2014 reforms. Topic: Children and families
  • Wales Bill 2013-14 Published 27 March 2014 | Research papers RP14/19 Amended 02 April 2014 The Wales Bill had its first reading in the House of Commons on 20 March 2014; it is due to have its second reading on 31 March 2014. The Bill devolves some tax-raising powers to the National Assembly for Wales. Stamp duty and landfill tax are devolved, while a power is created to reduce income tax by 10 pence in the pound and put a Welsh rate of income tax in its place. The Bill allows these powers over income tax to be devolved only if they are approved in a referendum, the calling of which is subject to parliamentary approval and a two-thirds majority in the Assembly. Topic: Devolution, National Assembly for Wales, Taxation
  • The Leveson Report: implementation Published 27 March 2014 | Standard notes SN06535 This note provides pointers to the developments since publication of the report. It does not attempt to summarise the complex arguments involved or differences between the various proposals for draft legislation that have been brought forward. Topic: Media, Press
  • Post Office numbers Published 27 March 2014 | Standard notes SN02585 Over the past 30 years the number of post offices in the UK has almost halved, although numbers have remained stable over the last few years. This note provides a breakdown of the network size by year and by quarter. Also included is a breakdown of post offices by type and by region. Topic: Postal services
  • The Household Benefit Cap Published 27 March 2014 | Standard notes SN06294 This note explains how the household benefit cap will operate and summarises reactions to it, including attempts to amend the benefit cap as the Welfare Reform Act progressed through Parliament. Topic: Housing, Housing benefits, Private rented housing, Social rented housing
  • Hereditary Peers in the House of Lords Since 1999 Published 27 March 2014 | Library notes LLN 2014/014 Amended 31 March 2014 The House of Lords Act 1999 ended the centuries-old linkage between the hereditary peerage and membership of the House of Lords. The majority of hereditary Peers left the House of Lords in November 1999, but under a compromise arrangement, 92 of their number, known as ‘excepted’ hereditary Peers still sit in the House today. Topic: House of Lords, Members of the Lords, Parliament

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