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Love and Hate in Parliament: an online exhibition from the Parliamentary Archives

Archives Awareness Month September 2003

This exhibition is part of Archives Awareness Month, September 2003, a national event based on the theme 'Love and Hate', organised by the National Council on Archives. 

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Decorative detail of stonework on the Houses of Parliament, drawing c. 1840 [MOU/236]

'I loved the House of Lords because it was very bright and beautiful. I liked colour red that they used for the chairs. The Queen's throne was astonishing because it looked like it was made out of real gold'.  Jessica, Cyril Jackson Primary School

What stirs people’s emotions regarding Parliament – the architecture, the sense of continuity, or ceremonial events, perhaps? The Parliamentary Archives has been canvassing opinions inside and outside Parliament, and the result is a display of documents to illustrate these. 

Hate – Divorce Acts in the Parliamentary Archives

Did you know people used to have to get an Act of Parliament if they wanted to get divorced?   The Parliamentary Archives has the original divorce acts and other associated documents, and we have chosen an individual divorce case to illustrate how love can turn to hate – the first such divorce case ever brought by a woman, in 1801.

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