1A  Deposit of documents etc at offices of government departments and public bodies

(1) Any reference in a provision of these orders to a document, or to a copy or copies of a document, being deposited in accordance with this order is a reference to the document, or to a copy or copies of the document, being deposited—

       (a) at the offices of such government departments and public bodies as may be specified in the list, and

       (b) if the context so admits, in such quantities as may be so specified.

(2) In paragraph (1) above––
        “document” includes any bill, plan, section, book of reference, ordnance map, environmental or
                other statement or estimate;
        “the list” means the list which, for the purposes of this order, is compiled and maintained by
                the Private Bill Office under the direction of the Chairman of Committees.

(3) The provisions of these orders which contain such references as are mentioned in paragraph (1) above are– 

      (a) Standing Order 27(8), 

      (b) Standing Order 27A(1), 

      (c) Standing Order 29, 

      (d) Standing Order 30, 

      (e) Standing Order 30A(1), 

      (f) Standing Order 31(1), 

      (g) Standing Order 32(1), 

      (h) Standing Order 34, 

      (i) Standing Order 37, 

      (j) Standing Order 39(1) and (2), 

      (k) Standing Order 45(3) and 

      (l) Standing Order 47(2).