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11 December 2017 - Division 1

Data Protection Bill [HL]

Lord Ashton of Hyde moved amendment 1, after clause 1, to insert the new clause Protection of personal data. The House divided:

Contents: 172 | Not Contents: 139 | Result: Government Win
Contents Total: 172
Bishops 1
Carlisle, Bishop Content  
Conservative 141
Ahmad of Wimbledon, Lord Content  
Altmann, Baroness Content  
Anelay of St Johns, Baroness Content  
Arbuthnot of Edrom, Lord Content  
Ashton of Hyde, Lord Content  
Astor of Hever, Lord Content  
Attlee, Earl Content  
Baker of Dorking, Lord Content  
Balfe, Lord Content  
Barker of Battle, Lord Content  
Bates, Lord Content  
Bell, Lord Content  
Berridge, Baroness Content  
Black of Brentwood, Lord Content  
Blencathra, Lord Content  
Bloomfield of Hinton Waldrist, Baroness Content  
Borwick, Lord Content  
Brabazon of Tara, Lord Content  
Brady, Baroness Content  
Bridges of Headley, Lord Content  
Brougham and Vaux, Lord Content  
Browning, Baroness Content  
Buscombe, Baroness Content  
Byford, Baroness Content  
Caithness, Earl Content  
Callanan, Lord Content  
Carrington of Fulham, Lord Content  
Cathcart, Earl Content  
Chalker of Wallasey, Baroness Content  
Chisholm of Owlpen, Baroness Content  
Colgrain, Lord Content  
Colwyn, Lord Content  
Cope of Berkeley, Lord Content  
Cormack, Lord Content  
Courtown, Earl Content  
Couttie, Baroness Content  
Cumberlege, Baroness Content  
De Mauley, Lord Content  
Deben, Lord Content  
Dixon-Smith, Lord Content  
Duncan of Springbank, Lord Content  
Dunlop, Lord Content  
Eaton, Baroness Content  
Eccles, Viscount Content  
Evans of Bowes Park, Baroness Content  
Fall, Baroness Content  
Faulks, Lord Content  
Fellowes of West Stafford, Lord Content  
Fink, Lord Content  
Finkelstein, Lord Content  
Finn, Baroness Content  
Fraser of Corriegarth, Lord Content  
Freeman, Lord Content  
Gardner of Parkes, Baroness Content  
Geddes, Lord Content  
Goldie, Baroness Content  
Goodlad, Lord Content  
Grade of Yarmouth, Lord Content  
Hailsham, Viscount Content  
Hamilton of Epsom, Lord Content  
Hanham, Baroness Content  
Harding of Winscombe, Baroness Content  
Hayward, Lord Content  
Higgins, Lord Content  
Hill of Oareford, Lord Content  
Hodgson of Abinger, Baroness Content  
Hodgson of Astley Abbotts, Lord Content  
Hooper, Baroness Content  
Horam, Lord Content  
Howe, Earl Content  
Howell of Guildford, Lord Content  
James of Blackheath, Lord Content  
Jenkin of Kennington, Baroness Content  
King of Bridgwater, Lord Content  
Kirkhope of Harrogate, Lord Content  
Lamont of Lerwick, Lord Content  
Lawson of Blaby, Lord Content  
Leigh of Hurley, Lord Content  
Lexden, Lord Content  
Lindsay, Earl Content  
Lingfield, Lord Content  
Lucas, Lord Content  
Mackay of Clashfern, Lord Content  
Manzoor, Baroness Content  
Marlesford, Lord Content  
Maude of Horsham, Lord Content  
McColl of Dulwich, Lord Content  
McGregor-Smith, Baroness Content  
McInnes of Kilwinning, Lord Content  
McIntosh of Pickering, Baroness Content  
Naseby, Lord Content  
Nash, Lord Content  
Neville-Jones, Baroness Content  
Neville-Rolfe, Baroness Content  
Nicholson of Winterbourne, Baroness Content  
Noakes, Baroness Content  
O'Cathain, Baroness Content  
Pidding, Baroness Content  
Polak, Lord Content  
Popat, Lord Content  
Porter of Spalding, Lord Content  
Rawlings, Baroness Content  
Redfern, Baroness Content  
Ribeiro, Lord Content  
Risby, Lord Content  
Ryder of Wensum, Lord Content  
Scott of Bybrook, Baroness Content  
Seccombe, Baroness Content  
Selkirk of Douglas, Lord Content  
Selsdon, Lord Content  
Sharples, Baroness Content  
Sheikh, Lord Content  
Sherbourne of Didsbury, Lord Content  
Shinkwin, Lord Content  
Skelmersdale, Lord Content  
Spicer, Lord Content  
Stedman-Scott, Baroness Content  
Stowell of Beeston, Baroness Content  
Strathclyde, Lord Content  
Stroud, Baroness Content  
Sugg, Baroness Content  
Suri, Lord Content  
Swinfen, Lord Content  
Taylor of Holbeach, Lord Content  
Trefgarne, Lord Content  
Trenchard, Viscount Content  
Tugendhat, Lord Content  
Ullswater, Viscount Content  
Vere of Norbiton, Baroness Content  
Verma, Baroness Content  
Wakeham, Lord Content  
Wasserman, Lord Content  
Wei, Lord Content  
Wellington, Duke Content  
Wheatcroft, Baroness Content  
Whitby, Lord Content  
Wilcox, Baroness Content  
Williams of Trafford, Baroness Content  
Wyld, Baroness Content  
Young of Cookham, Lord Content  
Younger of Leckie, Viscount Content  
Crossbench 27
Alton of Liverpool, Lord Content  
Best, Lord Content  
Brown of Eaton-under-Heywood, Lord Content  
Butler-Sloss, Baroness Content  
Carey of Clifton, Lord Content  
Chartres, Lord Content  
Craig of Radley, Lord Content  
Craigavon, Viscount Content  
Cromwell, Lord Content  
Erroll, Earl Content  
Fellowes, Lord Content  
Finlay of Llandaff, Baroness Content  
Greenway, Lord Content  
Kilclooney, Lord Content  
Kinnoull, Earl Content  
Luce, Lord Content  
Mawson, Lord Content  
Palmer, Lord Content  
Ramsbotham, Lord Content  
Singh of Wimbledon, Lord Content  
Somerset, Duke Content  
St John of Bletso, Lord Content  
Stirrup, Lord Content  
Trees, Lord Content  
Vaux of Harrowden, Lord Content  
Walker of Gestingthorpe, Lord Content  
Wright of Richmond, Lord Content  
Other 3
Browne of Belmont, Lord Content  
Gadhia, Lord Content  
Pearson of Rannoch, Lord Content  
Not Contents Total: 139
Crossbench 17
Clancarty, Earl Not Content  
Dykes, Lord Not Content  
Greengross, Baroness Not Content  
Hannay of Chiswick, Lord Not Content  
Hayman, Baroness Not Content  
Hollins, Baroness Not Content  
Howe of Idlicote, Baroness Not Content  
Kerr of Kinlochard, Lord Not Content  
Lane-Fox of Soho, Baroness Not Content  
Low of Dalston, Lord Not Content  
Masham of Ilton, Baroness Not Content  
Ouseley, Lord Not Content  
Pannick, Lord Not Content  
Prashar, Baroness Not Content  
Rowe-Beddoe, Lord Not Content  
Slim, Viscount Not Content  
Watkins of Tavistock, Baroness Not Content  
Labour 76
Adams of Craigielea, Baroness Not Content  
Bakewell, Baroness Not Content  
Blackstone, Baroness Not Content  
Brookman, Lord Not Content  
Browne of Ladyton, Lord Not Content  
Campbell-Savours, Lord Not Content  
Collins of Highbury, Lord Not Content  
Davies of Oldham, Lord Not Content  
Davies of Stamford, Lord Not Content  
Desai, Lord Not Content  
Donaghy, Baroness Not Content  
Drake, Baroness Not Content  
Dubs, Lord Not Content  
Elder, Lord Not Content  
Foulkes of Cumnock, Lord Not Content  
Gale, Baroness Not Content  
Glasman, Lord Not Content  
Golding, Baroness Not Content  
Goudie, Baroness Not Content  
Griffiths of Burry Port, Lord Not Content  
Hanworth, Viscount Not Content  
Harris of Haringey, Lord Not Content  
Haskel, Lord Not Content  
Hayter of Kentish Town, Baroness Not Content  
Healy of Primrose Hill, Baroness Not Content  
Henig, Baroness Not Content  
Hilton of Eggardon, Baroness Not Content  
Hollis of Heigham, Baroness Not Content  
Howarth of Newport, Lord Not Content  
Hunt of Kings Heath, Lord Not Content  
Hutton of Furness, Lord Not Content  
Irvine of Lairg, Lord Not Content  
Jones of Whitchurch, Baroness Not Content  
Jordan, Lord Not Content  
Kennedy of Southwark, Lord Not Content  
Lawrence of Clarendon, Baroness Not Content  
Lea of Crondall, Lord Not Content  
Liddell of Coatdyke, Baroness Not Content  
Lipsey, Lord Not Content  
Lister of Burtersett, Baroness Not Content  
MacKenzie of Culkein, Lord Not Content  
McAvoy, Lord Not Content  
McDonagh, Baroness Not Content  
McIntosh of Hudnall, Baroness Not Content  
McKenzie of Luton, Lord Not Content  
Monks, Lord Not Content  
Morgan of Huyton, Baroness Not Content  
Morris of Aberavon, Lord Not Content  
Morris of Handsworth, Lord Not Content  
Murphy of Torfaen, Lord Not Content  
Pendry, Lord Not Content  
Pitkeathley, Baroness Not Content  
Prescott, Lord Not Content  
Puttnam, Lord Not Content  
Quin, Baroness Not Content  
Radice, Lord Not Content  
Ramsay of Cartvale, Baroness Not Content  
Rosser, Lord Not Content  
Sherlock, Baroness Not Content  
Simon, Viscount Not Content  
Smith of Basildon, Baroness Not Content  
Smith of Gilmorehill, Baroness Not Content  
Soley, Lord Not Content  
Stevenson of Balmacara, Lord Not Content  
Taylor of Bolton, Baroness Not Content  
Thornton, Baroness Not Content  
Tomlinson, Lord Not Content  
Touhig, Lord Not Content  
Tunnicliffe, Lord Not Content  
Warwick of Undercliffe, Baroness Not Content  
Watts, Lord Not Content  
West of Spithead, Lord Not Content  
Wheeler, Baroness Not Content  
Williams of Elvel, Lord Not Content  
Woolmer of Leeds, Lord Not Content  
Young of Old Scone, Baroness Not Content  
Liberal Democrat 40
Addington, Lord Not Content  
Ashdown of Norton-sub-Hamdon, Lord Not Content  
Beith, Lord Not Content  
Benjamin, Baroness Not Content  
Bruce of Bennachie, Lord Not Content  
Clement-Jones, Lord Not Content  
Cotter, Lord Not Content  
Dholakia, Lord Not Content  
Doocey, Baroness Not Content  
Featherstone, Baroness Not Content  
Foster of Bath, Lord Not Content  
Fox, Lord Not Content  
Garden of Frognal, Baroness Not Content  
German, Lord Not Content  
Glasgow, Earl Not Content  
Goddard of Stockport, Lord Not Content  
Hamwee, Baroness Not Content  
Harris of Richmond, Baroness Not Content  
Hussain, Lord Not Content  
Hussein-Ece, Baroness Not Content  
Jolly, Baroness Not Content  
Kirkwood of Kirkhope, Lord Not Content  
Ludford, Baroness Not Content  
Macdonald of River Glaven, Lord Not Content  
Maclennan of Rogart, Lord Not Content  
McNally, Lord Not Content  
Newby, Lord Not Content  
Northover, Baroness Not Content  
Palmer of Childs Hill, Lord Not Content  
Pinnock, Baroness Not Content  
Randerson, Baroness Not Content  
Scott of Needham Market, Baroness Not Content  
Sheehan, Baroness Not Content  
Shipley, Lord Not Content  
Stoneham of Droxford, Lord Not Content  
Taverne, Lord Not Content  
Taylor of Goss Moor, Lord Not Content  
Teverson, Lord Not Content  
Wallace of Saltaire, Lord Not Content  
Wrigglesworth, Lord Not Content  
Other 6
Ahmed, Lord Not Content  
Bhatia, Lord Not Content  
Carlile of Berriew, Lord Not Content  
Jones of Moulsecoomb, Baroness Not Content  
Smith of Finsbury, Lord Not Content  
Tonge, Baroness Not Content