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20 July 2016 - Division 1

Civil Proceedings, First-tier Tribunal, Upper Tribunal and Employment Tribunals Fees (Amendment) Order 2016

Lord Beecham moved, as an amendment to the motion that the draft Civil Proceedings, First-tier Tribunal, Upper Tribunal and Employment Tribunals Fees (Amendment) Order 2016 be approved, at end to insert “but that this House regrets that, notwithstanding the recommendation of the House of Commons Justice Committee that access to justice should prevail over generating revenue when the Government are setting court and tribunal fees, the Government continue to increase the already enhanced fees, which exceed the full cost of the provision of court and tribunal services.” The House divided:

Contents: 78 | Not Contents: 89 | Result: Government Win
Contents Total: 78
Crossbench 10
Bird, Lord Content  
Brown of Eaton-under-Heywood, Lord Content  
Clancarty, Earl Content  
Craigavon, Viscount Content  
Kerslake, Lord Content  
Masham of Ilton, Baroness Content  
Meacher, Baroness Content  
O'Loan, Baroness Content  
Pannick, Lord Content  
Stern, Baroness Content  
Labour 37
Adams of Craigielea, Baroness Content  
Anderson of Swansea, Lord Content  
Bassam of Brighton, Lord Content  
Beecham, Lord Content  
Berkeley, Lord Content  
Brookman, Lord Content  
Campbell-Savours, Lord Content  
Corston, Baroness Content  
Elder, Lord Content  
Foulkes of Cumnock, Lord Content  
Gould of Potternewton, Baroness Content  
Grantchester, Lord Content  
Hain, Lord Content  
Hanworth, Viscount Content  
Haskel, Lord Content  
Healy of Primrose Hill, Baroness Content  
Hollis of Heigham, Baroness Content  
Howarth of Newport, Lord Content  
Hunt of Kings Heath, Lord Content  
Jones of Whitchurch, Baroness Content  
Kennedy of Southwark, Lord Content  
Kennedy of The Shaws, Baroness Content  
Kirkhill, Lord Content  
Knight of Weymouth, Lord Content  
Layard, Lord Content  
Maxton, Lord Content  
McAvoy, Lord Content  
McIntosh of Hudnall, Baroness Content  
Morris of Handsworth, Lord Content  
Ponsonby of Shulbrede, Lord Content  
Prescott, Lord Content  
Ramsay of Cartvale, Baroness Content  
Royall of Blaisdon, Baroness Content  
Simon, Viscount Content  
Smith of Basildon, Baroness Content  
Tunnicliffe, Lord Content  
Whitaker, Baroness Content  
Liberal Democrat 29
Alderdice, Lord Content  
Bakewell of Hardington Mandeville, Baroness Content  
Barker, Baroness Content  
Beith, Lord Content  
Cotter, Lord Content  
Foster of Bath, Lord Content  
Goddard of Stockport, Lord Content  
Greaves, Lord Content  
Hamwee, Baroness Content  
Harris of Richmond, Baroness Content  
Humphreys, Baroness Content  
Janke, Baroness Content  
Jones of Cheltenham, Lord Content  
Lester of Herne Hill, Lord Content  
Maddock, Baroness Content  
Miller of Chilthorne Domer, Baroness Content  
Northover, Baroness Content  
Oates, Lord Content  
Randerson, Baroness Content  
Rennard, Lord Content  
Scriven, Lord Content  
Shipley, Lord Content  
Shutt of Greetland, Lord Content  
Smith of Newnham, Baroness Content  
Storey, Lord Content  
Stunell, Lord Content  
Suttie, Baroness Content  
Tordoff, Lord Content  
Tyler, Lord Content  
Other 2
McFall of Alcluith, Lord Content  
Rogan, Lord Content  
Not Contents Total: 89
Conservative 84
Ahmad of Wimbledon, Lord Not Content  
Arbuthnot of Edrom, Lord Not Content  
Ashton of Hyde, Lord Not Content  
Attlee, Earl Not Content  
Balfe, Lord Not Content  
Berridge, Baroness Not Content  
Bottomley of Nettlestone, Baroness Not Content  
Brabazon of Tara, Lord Not Content  
Bridgeman, Viscount Not Content  
Brougham and Vaux, Lord Not Content  
Byford, Baroness Not Content  
Caithness, Earl Not Content  
Carrington of Fulham, Lord Not Content  
Chisholm of Owlpen, Baroness Not Content  
Colwyn, Lord Not Content  
Cope of Berkeley, Lord Not Content  
Cormack, Lord Not Content  
Courtown, Earl Not Content  
Crathorne, Lord Not Content  
Cumberlege, Baroness Not Content  
De Mauley, Lord Not Content  
Dixon-Smith, Lord Not Content  
Dundee, Earl Not Content  
Eccles of Moulton, Baroness Not Content  
Elton, Lord Not Content  
Evans of Bowes Park, Baroness Not Content  
Fairfax of Cameron, Lord Not Content  
Farmer, Lord Not Content  
Faulks, Lord Not Content  
Fookes, Baroness Not Content  
Forsyth of Drumlean, Lord Not Content  
Framlingham, Lord Not Content  
Gardiner of Kimble, Lord Not Content  
Geddes, Lord Not Content  
Goldie, Baroness Not Content  
Griffiths of Fforestfach, Lord Not Content  
Helic, Baroness Not Content  
Hodgson of Abinger, Baroness Not Content  
Hodgson of Astley Abbotts, Lord Not Content  
Holmes of Richmond, Lord Not Content  
Home, Earl Not Content  
Hooper, Baroness Not Content  
Howe, Earl Not Content  
Hunt of Wirral, Lord Not Content  
Inglewood, Lord Not Content  
Keen of Elie, Lord Not Content  
Lang of Monkton, Lord Not Content  
Lawson of Blaby, Lord Not Content  
Lindsay, Earl Not Content  
Lingfield, Lord Not Content  
Liverpool, Earl Not Content  
Lyell, Lord Not Content  
MacGregor of Pulham Market, Lord Not Content  
Marlesford, Lord Not Content  
McColl of Dulwich, Lord Not Content  
McIntosh of Pickering, Baroness Not Content  
Mobarik, Baroness Not Content  
Morris of Bolton, Baroness Not Content  
Neville-Rolfe, Baroness Not Content  
Newlove, Baroness Not Content  
Noakes, Baroness Not Content  
Norton of Louth, Lord Not Content  
Oppenheim-Barnes, Baroness Not Content  
Pidding, Baroness Not Content  
Popat, Lord Not Content  
Porter of Spalding, Lord Not Content  
Price, Lord Not Content  
Rawlings, Baroness Not Content  
Redfern, Baroness Not Content  
Robathan, Lord Not Content  
Seccombe, Baroness Not Content  
Sheikh, Lord Not Content  
Sherbourne of Didsbury, Lord Not Content  
Shinkwin, Lord Not Content  
Smith of Hindhead, Lord Not Content  
Spicer, Lord Not Content  
Stedman-Scott, Baroness Not Content  
Stroud, Baroness Not Content  
Taylor of Holbeach, Lord Not Content  
Trefgarne, Lord Not Content  
Ullswater, Viscount Not Content  
Verma, Baroness Not Content  
Whitby, Lord Not Content  
Younger of Leckie, Viscount Not Content  
Crossbench 3
Cox, Baroness Not Content  
Curry of Kirkharle, Lord Not Content  
Rana, Lord Not Content  
Other 2
Maginnis of Drumglass, Lord Not Content  
Taylor of Warwick, Lord Not Content