Lords debates Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill

Car charging

Peers discuss key purpose and principles of bill

This week in the Commons: 2 February 2018

A round up of this week’s business in the Chamber and Westminster Hall

Lords examines Laser Misuse (Vehicles) Bill

A red laser beam.

Parental responsibility and government reports on agenda

Community Transport: commercial and community operators questioned

Transport Committee hears on commercial operators' grievances regarding community transport permits

Lords debates remote island communities

Peers consider transport needs of English islands

More roads

Title Date
Lords debates air quality in London 04.07.2017
Bus Services Bill: Commons stages 28.04.2017
Bus Services Bill returns to the Lords 26.04.2017
Private members' bills: Lords third reading 22.03.2017
Local transport authorities questioned on urban congestion 13.03.2017
Lords private members' bills 13.03.2017