Benefits policy

Title Date
Report on the Department for Work and Pensions: Contract management of medical services 08.02.2013
Westminster Hall debates: 5 February 2013 05.02.2013
MPs question housing and benefits ministers on implementation of welfare reform 28.01.2013
MPs take evidence on Personal Independence Payment 21.01.2013
MPs take evidence on role of local authorities on health issues and welfare reform 07.01.2013
Statement on the Personal Independence Payment 13.12.2012
Universal Credit: Government must ensure plans protect most vulnerable, say MPs 22.11.2012
MPs take evidence on Department for Work and Pensions Annual Report and Accounts 2011-12 29.10.2012
Committee questions Ministers on universal credit 17.09.2012
MPs debate Universal Credit and welfare reform 12.09.2012
MPs continue examination of progress towards implementation of Universal Credit 10.09.2012
Opposition debate on disability benefits and social care 21.06.2012
Westminster Hall debates: 19 June 2012 20.06.2012
Westminster Hall debates: 13 March 2012 14.03.2012
MPs debate pensions and social security 24.02.2012
Welfare Reform Bill consideration of Lords amendments 22.02.2012
Westminster Hall debates: 21 February 2012 22.02.2012
Committee publishes report on support towards additional living costs of working-age disabled people 19.02.2012
Commons consider Lords amendments to Welfare Reform Bill 02.02.2012
Welfare Reform Bill: Report stage day four update 18.01.2012