Title Date
Government Ministers give evidence on GM insects to Committee 02.11.2015
Science Minister Jo Johnson MP questioned on science budget 13.10.2015
Biotechnology and science policy experts give evidence on GM insects 09.10.2015
The influence of EU membership on UK science inquiry launched 17.09.2015
Government Chief Scientific Adviser and Professor Brian Cox questioned on science funding 08.09.2015
Genetically modified insects subject of new Lords inquiry 20.07.2015
Academics questioned on nuclear fusion research 17.07.2015
Minister questioned on science budget 15.07.2015
Committee tells Chancellor not to falter in last Budget of Parliament 18.03.2015
Lords to question Government Minister on science budget and strategy 10.03.2015
GM foods and the precautionary principle in Europe 07.01.2015
Mitochondrial donation - Evidence hearing 22.10.2014
Work of the Minister for Universities, Science and Cities 20.10.2014
School practical science - Evidence session 03.09.2014
Government's Chief Scientific Advisor gives evidence on priorities for scientific research 22.07.2014
Lords to question Chief Scientific Adviser to the European Commission 15.07.2014
Ministers must stop unnecessary use of antibiotics in healthcare and farming 07.07.2014
Scientific research: what should the UK prioritise? 01.07.2014
Lords hear from nudge unit as part of investigation into behaviour change 06.05.2014
Flawed ‘horizon scanning’ programme an ‘echo chamber’ for Government views 04.05.2014