Title Date
The impact of patenting on commercialisation of regenerative research 27.11.2012
Regenerative medicine experts questioned by Lords Science and Technology Committee 06.11.2012
Think again on British Antarctic Survey merger say Science and Technology Committee 31.10.2012
Science a key foundation for international development 26.10.2012
Decision to scrap Census could hit UK social science according to MPs 21.09.2012
Minister talks to Committee about science and international development 25.06.2012
Lords scrutinises food security policy 25.05.2012
Lords Science Committee take evidence on state of higher education in science 17.04.2012
Science and Technology Committee takes evidence on risk perception and energy infrastructure 19.03.2012
Lords Committee questions Ministers David Willetts and John Penrose on science and heritage 13.03.2012
Conserving cultural heritage for future generations 05.03.2012
Parliament invites public to talk science in Leeds 20.01.2012
Statement on life sciences 06.12.2011
Government too complacent about Nuclear Energy Future, say Lords 22.11.2011
Independently minded? Lords question Chief Scientific Advisers experts on their roles 15.11.2011
Lords question Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser 08.11.2011
MPs debate scientific advice in emergencies 16.09.2011
MPs voice fears over provision of school science practicals and field trips 14.09.2011
Commons and Lords committees take evidence on forest research 13.07.2011
MPs take evidence on school science experiments and field trips 15.06.2011