Department of Health questioned on Antimicrobial resistance

Science and Technology Committee examine the Department of Health’s latest ‘progress report’ and the review by Lord O’Neill on AMR

Government Ministers questioned on development of driverless vehicles

Lords Science and Technology Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 22 November at 10:40am

Lords debates university and science funding

Peers discuss impact of EU withdrawal

Science and Technology Committee examine regenerative medicine

Commercialisation and transplantation stages of regenerative medicine explored by Committee

MPs demand the Government redraft its Forensics Strategy

Science and Technology Committee publish Forensic Science Strategy report

More science

Title Date
Driverless vehicles - where are we going? 15.09.2016
Minister questioned on Graphene 13.09.2016
Ministers questioned on science in emergencies 08.09.2016
EU membership and UK science follow-up investigation launched 26.07.2016
EU membership and UK science follow-up evidence session 13.07.2016
Proposal to merge Innovate UK should be reconsidered 01.07.2016