Research and innovation

Lords examines Higher Education and Research Bill

Research microscope

Peers discuss enrolment restrictions and equal opportunities for students

Impact of Brexit on regulation and standards explored by Committee

Lords Science and Technology Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 10 January at 10:40am

Bold steps are needed to build on UK's science success

Lords Science and Technology Committee publish report on EU membership and UK science after the referendum

House of Commons Library to take part in 'Need to Know'

Commons Library is joining a number of external bodies to take part in the Need to Know project

Lords debates road traffic accidents

Peers discuss motorists’ use of mobile devices

More research and innovation

Title Date
Department of Health questioned on Antimicrobial resistance 30.11.2016
Is London prepared for driverless cars? 15.11.2016
Lords debates university and science funding 04.11.2016
What are the advantages of autonomous vehicles? 01.11.2016
Government Minister questioned on implication of Brexit for UK science 25.10.2016
Science and Technology Committee examine regenerative medicine 13.10.2016