Internet and cybercrime

Lords examines Digital Economy Bill

Stylised representation of internet.

Mobile phone bills in the spotlight

Digital Economy Bill requires more detail of online pornography age verification plan

Constitution Committee publishes report on the Digital Economy Bill

MPs debate broadband universal service obligation

On Thursday 15 December MPs took part in a general debate in the Commons Chamber

How can the internet be made a safer place for children?

Communications Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 29 November at 3.30pm

How safe are children from the dangers of the internet?

Communications Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 11 October at 3.30pm

More internet and cybercrime

Title Date
House of Lords back to business 07.10.2016
Children's charities and internet crime prevention experts discuss online safety 13.09.2016
Online safety and psychology experts give evidence 18.07.2016
Too much information? Lords to investigate children and the internet 18.07.2016
Action needed on digital skills crisis 13.06.2016
Have your say on the Investigatory Powers Bill 16.03.2016