Internet and cybercrime

How safe are children from the dangers of the internet?

Communications Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 11 October at 3.30pm

House of Lords back to business

The Victoria Tower, Palace of Westminster

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Children's charities and internet crime prevention experts discuss online safety

Communications Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 13 September at 3.30pm

Online safety and psychology experts give evidence

Communications Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 19 July at 3.30pm

Too much information? Lords to investigate children and the internet

Communications Committee launches new inquiry into children and the internet

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Have your say on the Investigatory Powers Bill 16.03.2016
Information Commissioner questioned on cyber security and online data protection 25.01.2016
Home Secretary gives evidence to the Draft Investigatory Powers Committee 11.01.2016
TalkTalk Chief Executive questioned on company's data handling practices 15.12.2015
Journalists, lawyers and mobile service providers give evidence 14.12.2015