Information technology

Online safety and psychology experts give evidence

Communications Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 19 July at 3.30pm

Too much information? Lords to investigate children and the internet

Communications Committee launches new inquiry into children and the internet

Science Communication examined at the Natural History Museum

The Science and Technology Committee holds a public session at the Natural History Museum

Action needed on digital skills crisis

Science and Technology Committee publishes report on digital skills crisis

Experts give insight on European Commission proposals for consumer protection

EU Justice Sub-Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 10 May at 10.45am

More information technology

Title Date
Better protection for users of online platforms urged by committee 20.04.2016
Broadcasting in Central Lobby 23.03.2016
Minister of State questioned on the digital economy 21.03.2016
Have your say on the Investigatory Powers Bill 16.03.2016
Growth of UK space and satellites sector evidence heard 03.02.2016
Cost of Investigatory Powers Bill could undermine UK Tech sector 01.02.2016