Science and technology

Government Minister questioned on implication of Brexit for UK science

Lords Science and Technology Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 25 October at 10.05am

Science and Technology Committee examine regenerative medicine

Commercialisation and transplantation stages of regenerative medicine explored by Committee

Lords debates BBC charter

A BBC building

Peers discuss agreement with Department of Culture, Media and Sport

Government thinking on AI and robotics needs reboot

Science and Technology Committee publishes report on robotics and Artificial Intelligence

How safe are children from the dangers of the internet?

Communications Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 11 October at 3.30pm

More science and technology

Title Date
House of Lords back to business 07.10.2016
Government not clear on smart meter benefits 26.09.2016
MPs demand the Government redraft its Forensics Strategy 17.09.2016
Driverless vehicles - where are we going? 15.09.2016
Minister questioned on Graphene 13.09.2016
Children's charities and internet crime prevention experts discuss online safety 13.09.2016