Science and technology

Impact of Brexit on science and research discussed in Cambridge

Exiting the European Union Committee visits Cambridge to hear from academics and researchers

Is the Government's definition of Life Sciences broad enough?

Lords Science and Technology Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 16 January at 10.10am

How are algorithms and AI changing the nature of healthcare?

Science and Technology Committee questions Google DeepMind Health and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency

Academics questioned on E-cigarettes

Science and Technology Committee examines current research into e-cigarettes

What do the public need to know about AI?

Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence takes evidence on Tuesday 19 December at 3.30pm

More science and technology

Title Date
Social media companies questioned on hate crime 19.12.2017
Does the NHS have the resources to deliver on Life Sciences? 19.12.2017
Algorithms in decision-making examined 12.12.2017
Ministers and Electoral Commission discuss digital challenges to UK 12.12.2017
Sir Mark Walport questioned on Life Sciences and Industrial Strategy 12.12.2017
Peers review the Hall-Pesenti report on UK artificial intelligence 08.12.2017