Science and technology

Research integrity examined with academics

Science and Technology Committee explores the trends and drivers of problems with research integrity

Lords debates Space Industry Bill

Small satellites in the spotlight

Work of the Science Minister examined

Science and Technology Committee examines Government Office for Science Annual Report

How will the life sciences strategy affect businesses?

Lords Science and Technology Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 17 October at 10.10am

Academics and journalists give the 'big picture' on AI

Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence takes evidence on Tuesday 10 October

More science and technology

Title Date
Lords debates Telecommunications Infrastructure (Relief from Non-Domestic Rates) Bill 10.10.2017
Can the Life Sciences strategy become a reality? 06.10.2017
Lords debates digital understanding in the UK 08.09.2017
Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill: Committee and Remaining Stages 05.09.2017
Lords debates UK departure from Euratom 21.07.2017
The future of UK Life Sciences - Lords Committee launches a new inquiry 20.07.2017