Public administration

Lords private members' bills

Subjects include Lords reform and private rights of way

Lords debates size of the House

Peers discuss methods for reducing numbers

Lords debates shared values in national life

Bishop speaking in House of Lords

Peers consider role in shaping public policy

Clerk of the Parliaments announces retirement

David Beamish, the Clerk of the Parliaments

David Beamish steps down in 2017

Lords private members' bills

The House of Lords chamber

Peers discuss Lords reform, lobbying and budget responsibility

More public administration

Title Date
Government should reconsider adopting Grimstone review 07.07.2016
Lords debates confidence in public institutions 01.07.2016
Lords debates government and Parliament 10.06.2016
Lords appoints new Commissioner for Standards 26.05.2016
Private Members' Bills examined with senior Parliamentary staff 22.02.2016
How will the Enterprise Bill 2016 affect UK businesses? 27.01.2016