Campaign groups give evidence on the Union and devolution inquiry

Constitution Committee takes evidence on Wednesday 25 November at 10.30am

Committee examines the international perspective of the Union and devolution

Constitution Committee takes evidence on Wednesday 11 November at 10.30am

Westminster Hall debates: Tuesday 10 November 2015.

MPs debated the British Council, court closure in Buxton and more

Joint meeting with Welsh Assembly Committee on draft Wales Bill

Welsh Affairs Committee and Welsh Assembly Committee take evidence in Cardiff

Secretary of State for Wales questioned on devolution plans

Welsh Affairs Committee takes evidence on the draft Wales Bill

More wales

Title Date
Leading constitutional academics give evidence on devolution and the Union 14.10.2015
Leader of the House questioned on 'English Votes for English Laws' 13.10.2015
Westminster Hall debates: 13 October 2015 13.10.2015
Institute for Fiscal Studies questioned on impact of further devolution 15.09.2015
Responsibilities of the Secretary of State for Wales evidence session 09.09.2015
Westminster Hall debates: 21 July 2015 17.07.2015