Members of the Lords

Lords debates Palestine and Israel

A negotiated two state peace solution on agenda

Lords private members' bills

Bills on subjects including specialist printing, international development and medical innovation

MPs debate the Lords Spiritual (Women) Bill

MPs debate the Lords Spiritual (Women) Bill

MPs debated Second Reading and Remaining stages on 19 January

Lords debates economic leadership for UK cities

Peers consider case for empowering cities within a national framework

Lords debates case for UK's membership of EU

Catch up on the issues raised in the debate

More members of the lords

Title Date
Lords allowances claims 12.11.2014
The Lord Speaker on the fight against malaria 07.11.2014
Lords debates devolution 30.10.2014
Lords allowances claims 08.10.2014
Lords allowances claims 13.08.2014
Lords debates reform of the House 20.06.2014