Lords news

Title Date
"Who should own your data?" Committee asks experts 24.10.2017
Research, development and investment in artificial intelligence in the UK 24.10.2017
What skills are needed to succeed in the UK's advertising industry? 24.10.2017
Committee considers issues including farming and natural capital 24.10.2017
Does the media report opinion polls accurately? 24.10.2017
How can the NHS contribute to the Life Sciences strategy? 23.10.2017
Committee takes evidence on student loans and government accounting 20.10.2017
Lords debates centenary of the Battle of Passchendaele 20.10.2017
Lords debates future provision of council services 20.10.2017
The Salisbury-Addison Convention and minority government 20.10.2017
TheCityUK gives evidence on Brexit prospects 19.10.2017
TUC, Which?, and ICA give evidence to Brexit: competition inquiry 19.10.2017
Expats in the UK and EU-27 discuss effect of Brexit on healthcare 18.10.2017
Swiss official gives evidence to Brexit: energy security inquiry 18.10.2017
City experts give evidence on post-Brexit financial regulation and supervision 18.10.2017
Citizenship education discussed by Committee 18.10.2017
"Brexit: deal or no deal?", Committee asks experts 17.10.2017
Impact on opinion polls by political betting and fact checking 17.10.2017
Committee examines Minister on impact of Brexit on consumer protection 17.10.2017
How can the Government improve support for rural communities? 17.10.2017