Lords news

Title Date
Committee visits Francis Crick Institute to take evidence 30.10.2017
Lords private members' bills 30.10.2017
What is the role of the international workforce in the UK advertising industry? 30.10.2017
Ways of funding higher education: experts give their views 30.10.2017
Lords debates air and water pollution 27.10.2017
Lords debates intergenerational fairness 27.10.2017
Lords debates support for Rohingya refugees 27.10.2017
David Davis and Lord Darling give evidence on Brexit and "no deal" 27.10.2017
Secretary of State for Environment faces questions on impact of Brexit 27.10.2017
Government responds to Brexit: the EU data protection package report 26.10.2017
Lords examines Armed Forces (Flexible Working) Bill 26.10.2017
Data Protection Bill examined by Peers 26.10.2017
Sanctions policy post-Brexit explored with Foreign Office Minister 26.10.2017
Lords debates Telecommunications Infrastructure (Relief from Non-Domestic Rates) Bill 25.10.2017
Healthcare professionals and insurance representatives questioned on reciprocal healthcare post-Brexit 25.10.2017
Committee questions witnesses on Prevent and gender 25.10.2017
Human trafficking, migration and modern slavery addressed by Committee 25.10.2017
Committee questions Minister on impact of Brexit on energy security 25.10.2017
Clearing Houses give evidence on Brexit financial regulation and supervision 25.10.2017
Preparing better legislation: Lords call for changes to law-making 25.10.2017