Lords news

Title Date
Brexit: Overseas Territories concerns must be taken in to account 13.09.2017
Academics give evidence on financial regulation and supervision 13.09.2017
Northern Ireland’s energy security and UK's planned withdrawal from EURATOM examined 13.09.2017
Home Office and Nuffield Trust questioned on reciprocal healthcare after Brexit 12.09.2017
British values and democratic engagement investigated by Committee 12.09.2017
Industry trade group gives evidence on the advertising industry 12.09.2017
Competition and Markets Authority advises on Brexit and Consumer Protection 12.09.2017
Social media’s influence on political polling investigated by committee 12.09.2017
Albanian and Kosovan Ambassadors to the UK give evidence to Committee 11.09.2017
Lords private members' bills 11.09.2017
Chancellor of Exchequer gives evidence to Lords committee 08.09.2017
Brexit: reciprocal healthcare inquiry launched 08.09.2017
Lords debates overcrowding in prisons 08.09.2017
Lords debates digital understanding in the UK 08.09.2017
Space Industry Bill scrutinised by Peers 08.09.2017
Government responds to Brexit: UK-Irish relations report 07.09.2017
Committee launches advertising industry inquiry 07.09.2017
Brexit fundamentally challenges constitutional balance between Parliament and Government 07.09.2017
Call for participants in roundtable with young people from Western Balkans 06.09.2017
House of Lords discusses NHS England mandate 06.09.2017