Lords news

Title Date
Lords debates Restoration and Renewal of the Palace of Westminster 07.02.2018
Lords debates Brexit: judicial oversight of the European Arrest Warrant report 07.02.2018
Music and dance professionals give evidence on movement of people after Brexit 07.02.2018
Lord Speaker remarks on Vote 100 07.02.2018
Impact of Brexit on food prices examined by Committee 07.02.2018
Committee examines how US foreign policy is impacting international affairs 07.02.2018
Government should reinvigorate ties with Commonwealth network 07.02.2018
Asset Freezing (Compensation) Bill: Lords third reading 06.02.2018
Committee hears about system of checks at EU external borders 06.02.2018
How big is the funding gap between further education colleges and universities? 06.02.2018
Legal experts questioned on enforcement and dispute resolution post-Brexit 06.02.2018
Brexit and the Labour Market report debate 05.02.2018
House of Lords debates women in public life 05.02.2018
Lords debates Investigatory Powers regulations 02.02.2018
Opportunity for a more effective competition regime post-Brexit 02.02.2018
Committee follows up on post-Brexit trade in professional business services 01.02.2018
Brexit: movement of people in the fields of sports and culture inquiry launched 31.01.2018
Former Foreign Secretary, Lord Hague of Richmond, gives evidence to Committee 31.01.2018
Report of Lord Speaker's Committee on the size of the House discussed 30.01.2018
Lords private members' bills 29.01.2018