Lords news

Title Date
Brexit: trade in non-financial services report debated by Lords 13.12.2017
Ministers questioned on government's integration and citizenship strategies 13.12.2017
Is the system of Further Education and Vocational Training funded fairly? 12.12.2017
Government Ministers questioned on the EU Withdrawal Bill 12.12.2017
Ministers and Electoral Commission discuss digital challenges to UK 12.12.2017
Sir Mark Walport questioned on Life Sciences and Industrial Strategy 12.12.2017
Regulators discuss the future of the UK's advertising industry 11.12.2017
Brexit risks disrupting the supply of medical radioisotopes, says Committee 11.12.2017
Lords debates role of education in society 11.12.2017
Peers review the Hall-Pesenti report on UK artificial intelligence 08.12.2017
Lords debates plans for balanced regulation 08.12.2017
Lords debates natural environment and animal welfare 08.12.2017
Committee questions Immigration Minister on EU citizens' rights post-Brexit 08.12.2017
What should the Government do about artificial intelligence? 08.12.2017
Telecommunications Infrastructure (Relief from Non-Domestic Rates) Bill: Lords third reading 07.12.2017
Government responds to Brexit: judicial oversight of the European Arrest Warrant report 07.12.2017
EU Committee publishes report on Brexit: deal or no deal 07.12.2017
Brexit: enforcement and dispute resolution inquiry launched 06.12.2017
Lords debates UK trade and customs 06.12.2017
EU Withdrawal Bill implications for Northern Ireland examined by Lords 06.12.2017