Lords news

Experts give evidence to Brexit: CSDP missions inquiry

EU and UK flags

EU External Affairs Sub-Committee takes evidence on Thursday 25 January at.10.05am

Government Ministers questioned on Life Sciences and Industrial Strategy

Lords Science and Technology Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 23 January at 10.10am

Lords debates US foreign policy

Photo of Union jack and Stars and Stripes flags

Peers consider effect on global relationships

Lords debates green finance and climate change

Photo of Wind turbine

Lords discuss UK's lead in sector

Five short debates in the Lords

Phot of Victoria Tower through gap in trees

Full day of debates for Lords

More lords news

Title Date
Ministers give evidence on UK-Irish relations follow up 19.01.2018
Interparliamentary Forum on Brexit holds second meeting 19.01.2018
Changed world conditions of international relations examined by Committee 18.01.2018
Lords examines Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill 18.01.2018
Select Committee review in the House of Lords launched 18.01.2018
Committee highlights concerns for trade in waste post-Brexit 18.01.2018