Lords news

Lords debates UK construction industry

What is contribution of construction industry to the UK economy?

Lords debates education

What alternatives are there for young people not attending university?

EU-Russia inquiry to assess anti-corruption legislation

EU Sub-Committee on External Affairs takes evidence on Thursday 23 October at 10.05am.

By-election in the House of Lords

The Earl of Oxford and Asquith elected as hereditary peer

Deregulation Bill: Lords committee stage day one

Safety at work and employment tribunals on agenda

More lords news

Title Date
Criminal Justice and Courts Bill: Lords report stage day two 22.10.2014
Lords to question BIS, NHS and DOH officials on EU Alcohol Strategy 22.10.2014
Lords to hear from Ken Clarke and Lord Falconer 22.10.2014
Lords look into extradition and human rights 22.10.2014
Lords ask HS2 consultants to justify their predictions for its economic benefit 21.10.2014
Armed Forces Bill: Lords third reading 21.10.2014