House of Lords news

Title Date
Children in Crisis: unaccompanied migrant children report debated by Lords 25.10.2016
Former Irish Prime Ministers discuss implications of Brexit 25.10.2016
Experts give evidence on social enterprise and investment 25.10.2016
What impact do licensing laws have on public health? 25.10.2016
Does Government play a leading role in addressing financial exclusion? 25.10.2016
French Ambassador and Lord Howard give evidence on acquired rights 25.10.2016
Government Minister questioned on implication of Brexit for UK science 25.10.2016
What are the public attitudes towards NHS funding and innovation? 25.10.2016
Post-Brexit trade in food and oil industries examined by Committee 24.10.2016
Lords private members' bills 24.10.2016
Met Police Counter-Terrorism Lead discusses security co-operation after Brexit 21.10.2016
Lords debates environment and climate change 21.10.2016
Lords debates foreign and security policy 21.10.2016
Brexit should be scrutinised as it happens say Lords 20.10.2016
The future of environment and climate change policy after Brexit 19.10.2016
Governor of the Bank of England answers questions on Brexit 19.10.2016
Treasury Minister gives evidence to Brexit: financial services inquiry 19.10.2016
Energy security price and decarbonisation: What is the right balance? 18.10.2016
Should schools do more to teach internet safety? 18.10.2016
Polish and Romanian Ambassadors raise their citizens' concerns post Brexit 18.10.2016