House of Lords news

Title Date
Minister for Europe gives evidence to Committee 15.11.2017
Charity leaders give evidence on civil society to Committee 15.11.2017
FinTech firms, banks and insurers give evidence to Committee 15.11.2017
Committee considers reciprocal healthcare post-Brexit with Professor Martin McKee 15.11.2017
University challenges: Vice Chancellors give evidence to the Committee 14.11.2017
The impact of artificial intelligence on jobs and consumers 14.11.2017
BBC and Society of Editors discuss the coverage of polling 14.11.2017
How can investment in the life sciences sector be improved? 14.11.2017
Committee questions experts on reciprocal healthcare in Ireland and Northern Ireland post-Brexit 13.11.2017
Proposals for 2018–19 ad hoc committees sought 13.11.2017
Lords to hear evidence on digital skills in the advertising industry 13.11.2017
Are rural communities being left behind by Government? 10.11.2017
EU Financial Affairs Sub-Committee calls for urgent post-Brexit transitional deal 09.11.2017
Government response on financial exclusion published 07.11.2017
Lords discusses scrutiny of regulations 07.11.2017
How do we get more affordable housing in rural areas? 07.11.2017
Innovation and the NHS: Committee to investigate 06.11.2017
CBI and TUC give evidence on Brexit prospects 03.11.2017
HM Treasury and Department for Education provide evidence to inquiry 03.11.2017
Lords debates 'A Manifesto to Strengthen Families' 03.11.2017